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1969.12.21  Kleinhans Auditorium  Buffalo, NY

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Joni Mitchell, Kleinhans Music Hall, Buffalo, NY. Photograph by Michael Maffei. [davidmartin]
Photo by Michael Maffei. [davidmartin]

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davidmartin on 2009-Oct-30 at 14:17:23 GMT-5:
I attended this concert and remember it vividly. First, Joni seemed extremely nervous. I remember during "For Free" she seemed to have a particular problem and stopped in the middle of it. It was a solo concert, she wore a dark green velvet dress and a thin headband and then appeared in a red velvet dress ( I dont remember the order). She mentioned that she made the dresses herself. Her voice was very clear and pitch perfect. I particularly liked her at the piano. The venue was packed. My friend and I waited at the stage door after the concert was over and she came out and talked to the small crowd that had gathered. She was very nice and gracious even though it was very cold out (its Buffalo, NY)