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Joni's comments about Dylan and Madonna

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ghanick   2010-Apr-23 at 19:22:01
Joni's comments about Dylan and Madonna are all over the web today. I think they are sort of hilarious (unintentionally). Is this really how Joni wants to come back into the public eye? I love Joni with all of my heart, but this constant carping about other musicians really is getting old. To call Dylan a "fake" is a little extreme, don't you think? He has kept his "fakery" going for 50 years, perhaps there is a grain of authenticity to his act? And, to intimate that Madonna is the cause of America's decline since 1980 is kind of ridiculous. I don't disagree with Joni's comments about this country, but Madonna represents a part of show biz that's always been there. She has not exactly blazed a new trail. She did not single-handedly destroy the morals of our youth!! The roots of the US's decline go much deeper than whatever hair color Madonna is showcasing this season. I know what it is like to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually challenged, and I understand that Joni is going through her own personal hell these days. This sort of inner turmoil can take truisms, mix them with a lot of anger, fear, and pain, and exaggerate them out of all proportion. I guess the dis-ease that Joni is suffering manifests all of these inner distortions and demons into the physical. This is all not intended to be in judgement of Joni or an indictment. It comes from love. Who are any of us to tear down another? So, Joni, if through the infinite unity of mind and heart, you hear this: much love, empathy, and compassion are coming your way from on high. There is no need to lash out at yourself or at the world (same thing). Allow the hurts, the distortions, and the dissonance to release back into their inherent nothingness. If the tube is gone or broken, don't try to resurrect it. Give it no power, it has none. Let the true light come into focus. It's never gone anywhere and it embraces you forever.

joecrow   2010-Apr-24 at 15:44:58
When I was younger I didn't like Dylan's negativity towards the press when they'd ask him what his songs meant but I came to understand him as time went by.

Joni? I've met lots of people that find her voice rather annoying but I liked plenty of her tunes and the way she sang them.

Dylan is a plagirist, a fake, a fraud and a phony? Well, that's news to me as I've never heard anybody sling that kind of crap at him before. I've heard people say his voice is annoying in the way that some say Willie Nelson, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell voices cut through them like nails on a chalk board but like Steve Earle said, there's only two kinds of music, good music and bad music and thank you but I'll be the judge of that.

So let's get this straight, Jimi is cool even though he sang bible songs yet Dylan is a thief because he sings bible songs?

It makes me wonder where Joni thinks music comes from, the greatness of her own mind? I don't believe anybody should be willing to place themselves on a pedestal let alone allow others to put them there because it's a long way down to reality.

Truth is music speaks for itself as well it should and it's highly egotistical for any real artist to walk around slamming other peoples work as not authentic.

I guess this is mostly about being mad at Joni for saying something so cold and insensitive but she's entitled to her opinion just like everybody else which makes us not so special at all or very authentic really.

PS. If you ever noticed when Bob use to sing with the white painted face he was letting it be known it never was about him, the man, but what was hidden out of sight of the world. You'd think a fellow artist would know that but then again maybe not.......

picassovangogh   2010-Apr-25 at 06:36:22
Justification first - I think Joni Mitchell is the greatest songwriter, musician and singer of all time. I've followed her music forever and I've met her and loved her and introduced everyone I know to her music. But....... this has got to stop! She has always sighted him as a major influence. She has arrogantly said " **** humility - there's me and Dylan and that's about it." She has chosen to sing his songs and include him in her favourite artists of all time. I for one rate her higher on all levels of musicianship than Dylan, but please Joni! It's now just painful and worrying to see you in your prime behaving so sadly and badly.We all know that Madonna is just a pop star - she's no threat to you. And some of us know what struggles you've had in a male arena and how annoyed we all feel that Mr Dylan scores higher in the stakes. But you're an ARTIST and a benchmark and a LEGEND and (despite your gripes)any one who knows anything about music and art rates both of you as the greatest. Please find peace with yourself and help us who love you to keep the respect and honour we feel for you.

Marisa100   2010-Apr-25 at 16:27:23
as much as I have always loved Joni, I am sick about her comments about Bob Dylan.
They are so untrue. Bob is a genius. She is a great talent. Bob has earned a far more legendary status that anyone that started in the folk music genre and he deserves it. He is in a league of his own. Joni is great but she is not in Dylan's league and neither is anyone else. This bothers Joni plus the fact that Dylan is still selling records and has a no. 1 album recently. Please don't be jealous, Joni. It does not become you. You should know better.

jaduffy007   2010-Apr-25 at 17:10:36
Oh Joni...after decades of being a megalomaniac, I see you still haven't gotten a clue. Sad really. I remember being at your concert on the Boston Common in...was it 1984 0r 83?...when you stood up...threw your guitar down and just before storming off the stage said: .. "when you people are ready to sit down and shut up, I'll come out and play". I stayed just long enough to join a massive chorus of boos before leaving. It's truly sad that you are at the late stages of your life and still remain such a narcissistic soul and judging from your Dylan comments...a bit delusional. Joni dear...I think you created some beautiful music "back in the day" favorite being "The Hissing of Summer Lawns". Don Juan's Reckless Daughters too. You know...the albums where you relied on the talents of serious jazz musicians?...yeah...those albums.

I do thank you Joni for reminding me of Dylan's greatness. I'm listening to "Blood On The Tracks" as I type. I hadn't listened to it in many years...what an album of pure genius.

As to being authentic, Dylan's contribution to music and culture is undeniable. That he is a plagarist is a lie and I won't be surprised if you are sued for slander. That Dylan contributed massively to *creating* the genre you embraced and *followed* is only slightly debatable. Yet no one debates your authenticity a musically talented, but deeply troubled, misguided, authentic megalomaniac.

ghanick   2010-Apr-25 at 19:18:34
Hey, everyone, we need to show a little empathy for JM. Not that she needs defending from any of us. I think she "meant" everything she said, but I also detect a cry for help. Over the years, she has "taken on" just about every contemporary musician, including, but not limited to Barbra Streisand, Judy Collins, Joan Baez, Frank Sinatra, Suzanne Vega, Laura Nyro, Carly Simon, Ricky Lee Jones, etc etc etc. Why not go after the BIG ONE -- Dylan? Extreme arrogance is just a cover up of extreme fear, anger, and long held hurts. I don't know if Morgellons is a physical manifestation of this or not..... Let's look at all the beauty Joan has brought into the world, how she has always revealed her heart (even if it is not so pretty -- she's only a humanoid, after all!), and the wisdom she has imparted to all of us. She may have brought it on herself, but let's resist the urge to crucify her, even if a part of her seems to be asking for it. We all know this is not who or what she really is!

jaduffy007   2010-Apr-25 at 21:00:10
Hi Ghanick. I sincerely appreciate your sentiments in a way, but is there ANY way in which anyone can defend her recent delusional rant against Dylan and Madonna? For me, as you acknowledged in your "taken on" list of JM's victims, there is a pattern that has persisted for FOUR freakin' DECADES. I agree, it is important to acknowledge the divine is us all...and acknowledge talents in people like JM....but after decades of behavior that is not only self destructive, but deeply hurtful to others...acceptance and tolerance isn't sufficient imo. It is "feeding the beast"! I would ask, when is it time for JM to be held accountable and responsible for spreading lies, slander and hurting people??? Does JM deserve a "get out of jail free" card because she was /is a talented musician??!

I know I'm being harsh, but enough is enough. For me, there must be consequences for our actions when we hurt others. Has she EVER apologized to these people? No, she's a megalomaniac. She's utterly blind to her delusion of grandeur. JM hurts people. She tells lies. It isn't just JM sharing her opinions! Like you said, she's a humanoid just like the rest of us, so I would ask... shouldn't she suffer the consequences of her actions just like the rest of us?

ghanick   2010-Apr-25 at 21:24:13
Hi Jaduffy -- I hear what you are saying, but, in reality, I suspect JM is already suffering the consequences of this persistent mental attitude. I think I can understand where she is coming from because my former partner, who was also an artist, suffered from similar demons. Fortunately (for him) he did not have Joni's celebrity, therefore his actions were not broadcast to the world, just to those around him. He spent the last 18-months of his life with stage 4 lung cancer, which seemingly came out of nowhere. To witness a formerly strong, resolute, ARROGANT individual deteriorate in front of me was "punishment" enough. Whatever dis-ease Joni has manifested, I believe, was brought on by her own habitual false sense of superiority and "know-it-all-ism". The best those around can do is not to fall into the trap of judgement because that validates the error. I don't know JM but I have a higher regard for her true nature than any of this stuff. And, fortunately, I think that her so-called "victims" can see through it, too. In my younger days, I would have thought this was a giant publicity stunt, but it's way too sad to be so.

picassovangogh   2010-Apr-26 at 14:00:53
And it's also too late. I will always love her and regard her as the best. Like her heroes, she has turned into a bit of a monster and like her heroes, we must remember the ART and not the Artist. This is no publicity stunt - it's a lot more sinister than that. I also don't think she's telling lies about these so called "victims" - why would she not be annoyed at the comparisons with lesser talents.Of her back catalogue I would say that there are at least six great albums that no one can compete with and I do believe that people in the know realise this. We have to remember that Picasso was an egotistical, bigoted human who produced the greatest art of the 20th century. Locals flung stones and mud at Van Gogh as he rushed to the wheat fields. Gauguin contaminated those lovely young innocent girls he painted etc; The artist is not important in the context - but the Art they leave behind is the most important argument we humans have for the existance of the Devine. Joni is a receptical - a vessal for something we can't begin to understand. But she is also a human being with many flaws. I would be drawn to her if we were of the same generation and attended the same school. She's a trouble maker I would love to hang out with because every now and then there would be that shimmering light that would elevate her to the place most of us are not chosen to go to. Let's all remember the Art and let Joni be human for a while if that's what she wants to be. Shadows and Light.

ghanick   2010-Apr-26 at 17:33:32
Hi Pic, I think you are correct. It's sad to see one of your heroes fall a few notches off the pedestal, but, as Joni has said on numerous occasions, she did not want to be put on a pedestal in the first place. She also said that she was an arrogant artist. Okay, I believe her now. Madness and brilliance go hand in hand. I hope her health problems have not hurled her over the edge; or, if they have, that she lives to write the most profound music of her life. I can see a lot of what came before in a different light. It is the art that will remain; what a gift this is.

MichaelToronto   2010-Apr-28 at 11:00:37
You know, I'm the biggest Joni fan there is, but even I have my limits.

I've never liked her slagging other artists. I mean, c'mon, she can keep that to herself. She's done it over and over and over again, and every time I wince.
If anyone could afford to be gracious, it would be her. She is one of the greats, and no one can take that away.

Dylan is the one person I thought she'd never slag. But here it is. And I find it shameful. I'm not a huge Dylan fan, but I recognize his genius, and so has Joni in the past. What is going on?

Is it the Morgellons talking?

I'm beginning to think it is. I'm beginning to think that over the last 20 years or so, her hold on reality has deteriorated.

First came the slagging of other artists, which has never stopped. Then came all the questionable decisions and choices. Such as: the Misses record, which was a bizarre collection, if the songs were supposed to be "almost hits"; the horrid accompaniment on Taming the Tiger and much of Shine; Both Side Now, claiming to depict love through all its stages, yet with only two positive songs. Travelogue, which is overstuffed and features cringe-making singing;.

And then there's the ridiculous claims. That her '80s albums are her greatest work; that smoking has NOT affected her voice; that Fiddle of the Drum is her biggest accomplishment.

I'm on a rant, I realize, and I will stop. I just feel really frustrated with Joni right now.

marcmccarron   2010-Apr-28 at 19:21:21
Nonsense - Joni's recent comments are on target, consistant with her views on
the music business. She's always been outspoken - don't marginalize her comments
as anything to due with her condition. Dylan's real voice is reviled in lay lady
lay (to an extent) but mostly sings with the same ridiculous affectation that Bruce Springsteen embraced after Born to Run. Madonna's persona defines
vapid (she also possesses an affected speaking voice). As people age they
tend to loose the filtration that inhibits most of us to express what's on our minds.

ghanick   2010-Apr-29 at 08:24:18
It's not a matter of trying to marginalize her comments....more an effort to understand them. Here is an artist who basically has been out of sight for almost two years, allegedly because of health problems....suddenly turns up making these really outrageous statements, especially towards someone she's known, respected, and worked with for many years. Anyone with any common sense can easily discern that she is talking about HERSELF -- that she feels (correctly or incorrectly) that SHE has gone down the tubes since 1980, that SHE is a fake, a fraud, that she did her share of sleeping around back in the, there is no reason to justify any of it or claim that she is simply being outspoken. The truth is that plenty of her work done since 1980 has been fine; the music industry -- or whatever is left of it -- has always been youth oriented. Once an artist reaches "a certain age", their shelf life, in the eyes of these big corporations, has expired. This is hardly something that has been directly only at JM. It's unfair and it sucks, but that's capitalism. Dylan and a few others seem to be the rare exception. On the other hand, "Shine" and "Both Sides Now" sold fairly well. It's not like Joni's been ignored or relegated to singing at Indian casinos or becoming a spokeswoman for Depends. Everyone's voice changes with age, and she sounded better on "Shine" than she did on "Taming the Tiger". Bottom line, Joni needs to turn the mirror towards herself and then the healing can begin. If she is still interested in staying in the game, she needs to start performing again, even if the venues are small. Judy Collins, Joan Baez, and Dylan do this; that's how they maintain a profile, whether they are releasing anything new or not.

picassovangogh   2010-May-02 at 08:40:32
Yes, but how pissed off must Joni feel about the so called 'Shelf Life' situation which clearly hasn't hampered Dylan or Cohen or Young - her peers! They are MEN and the industry (like most of society) is just run that way. (I'm a man by the way) It must wound an artist like her - no matter what she says on Feminism or her indifference to the industry. Artists have egos and I think it's time that the men above (at least)come forward in her defence. They know her greatness and they know her predicament. It would be nice in the middle of this debate (which is overblown global hysteria, according to the comments I've read)that these comrades rally 'round and at least make reference on how difficult it must have been in the rock and roll circus, for a girl to be taken as seriously as these giant men.Having said that, I've always wondered at Joni's ambiguity on the subject of her fame. The past decade's comments about others have come over as sour and bitter. The Dylan thing's a shocker because she always saw him as her only real peer. I just want her music to be heard by as many new people as possible, purely because I really do think she's the best of them all. Her comments don't sit well (especially with young people who've just bought Blue)and already my young students are kind of puzzled that the creator of that beautiful Art is the same one in the news today. But in time, we can only hope that the art will save the day and with a bit of education, young people will recognize her genius.

ghanick   2010-May-02 at 11:19:42
I think Joni's attitude about the whole business is summed up in "If" --

If you can bear to hear
The truth you've spoken
Twisted and misconstrued
By some smug fool
Or watch your life's work
Torn apart and broken down
And still stoop to build again
With worn out tools...."

Let's hope the spark is still there for her to build again. She means a lot to the world. In times like these, prophets appear in many forms.

MichaelToronto   2010-May-03 at 09:59:21

With all due respect, I think Joni's attitude about the business is kind of strange.

I mean, I think she's gotten a TON of credit and acknowledgment along the way. Not a day goes by that she isn't referred to by someone, somewhere.

What's an example of her truth being twisted or misconstrued?

Who has torn her life's work down?

Again, with all due respect (I love Joni to the nth degree), some of the things she has claimed have been, frankly, ridiculous. That her '80s work was censored, for example, which wasn't the case. It just didn't sell as well, that's all.

New Yorker magazine recently said Joni has a persecution complex -- and I'm afraid I have to agree.

ghanick   2010-May-04 at 07:49:27
I can't look inside JM's soul, but I think the persecution complex started with "Hissing of Summer Lawns" (mid-70's). She had come off of the greatest career high and produced what she felt was a major leap forward for her (and years later, many agreed). At the time, however, it was critically mauled. Even the brilliant "Hejira" never quite righted things. Her next two albums, intentionally or unintentionally took her off the radar. She had to have known that "Mingus" was night and day to "Blue" or "Court and Spark". In the music industry, a few years is like a century. By the 80's, her fan base kind of shriveled, mostly because of demographics and the fact that she seemed to be trying too hard to remain "current" in order to attract a new audience that did not know who she was. Some of her 80's work still makes me wince ("Shiny Toys"; "Empty, Try Another"; "Dancing Clown"). I never "got" the Thomas Dolby collaboration, other than a commercial consideration that backfired. Still, there was great music ("Ladies Man", "My Secret Place", "Impossible Dreamer" etc. etc). All could have been hits, but were overlooked. Her work in the '90's was a lot more authentic, especially "Turbulent Indigo". So, I'd say the public persecution complex was started when Mitchell stepped out of her artistic box in the mid-70's; and then was spurred on by her own retreat from the scene. Other artists of her generation, such as Judy Collins, Carole King, James Taylor, Joan Baez, and Dylan continue to tour, which Joni is not interested in doing. Her sniping back over the past 15 years is really puzzling to her fans, because it goes against the grain of her music, and our perception of her. It would be so wonderful and healing (for her and the world) if she would take some of that inner pain and translate it into the art that I would like to believe is still inside her. It has nothing to do with the "tortured artist" bit; it has to do with the human condition! We all share a part of it. Joni has always been able to tap into this. Songs like "Judgement of the Moon and Stars" did not come out of thin air! JM's voice is no better or worse than someone like Marianne Faithfull. It is part of the "drama" of the song. It should be embraced as who she is today; she is never going to reprise the "yodeling" at the end of "Woodstock", and why should she?

picassovangogh   2010-May-04 at 12:13:16
Actually, Turbulent Indigo (I think) is a masterwork on a par with Blue and Hejira. There's real progress there and I think it was well reviewed as a new peak. However, all these years later, it isn't gaining the credit that the two others have gathered.(Sometimes I wish she would have stopped right there. Shine certainly doesn't come close) The reason may be that it came out at the time all this name calling banter started and people ( despite the grammy) were fairly sick of her comments. She has to stick to her art and stop the moaning about others being taken more seriously than her or the fact that they sell more records. You know, airport best selling trashy books sell much more than serious writers like Austen or Rushdie - that's what 'popular' means. It's no different with pop music. We're so glad that she experimented and gave us Mingus etc; but she can't seriously think that the masses will appreciate it more than their Madonna records. She then turns from Mingus to a few low points (artistically) -especially Chalkmarks, with it's host of celebs and bloody Dancing Clown. Does she want to be an Artist or a Pop star or Both? Slating others will never do. Those of us who love her get disappointed and those who don't, really won't sit up and say " lets check this Joni out - she's cool" These comments aint cool and they cut into her dignity. So, she's better than the lot of them, but they're only trying to make a living from what they do, Joni. Most of them don't even use the word Art, when speaking of their work. We know Jewel and Sheryl and Alanis will never be you, but come on!!!! They still sight you as an influence despite the nasty comments you've made. They all know you opened the door for them. Please give it a rest. We love you and will continue to. Get it together and make peace with them and yourself.

MichaelToronto   2010-May-04 at 13:23:40
Beautifully said. Both of you.

On a lighter note: what most bothered me about DOG EAT DOG was her singing "Artifice and innocence" after "Artifice, brutality and innocence."

Still drives me crazy -- the sloppiness!

And by the way, I very much like her later voice, but I think on TRAVELOGUE she sounded -- particularly on JUDGMENT and SLOUCHING -- strident. Uncharacteristic, as she usually never strains.

timemachine23   2010-May-04 at 15:24:00
I'm really appalled at the quality and tone of the comments people are directing at Joni in the press and other blogs for speaking her mind, senseless knee-jerk reactions and gutter sniping are not cool. Joni has a Mind with a capitol M, and if you want to learn something, you ask why, when the statement comes. Her opinions have real depth, and she's entitled to swim where she wants, sharks and all. Seems those waters are just too deep for average folks.

I had a musical instructor in college once who cracked this joke the first day of school...

"Why has there never been, in the whole history of music, a Female Master?"

The answer to this joke was, "Because no woman would want to be called a Mistress"... but before he answered that, I had to bring up Joni Mitchell, to which the instructor said, "OK, I'll give you that. There is only One."

Like it or not, it's a fact. If you can't accept it, you just don't have the understanding or knowledge of music necessary to make a qualified response. And for you sheep out there, being most of you, whose only real involvement in music is the time you spend stealing it and then formulating your comfortable opinions on how much of it your stomach can take, no one cares other than the rest of the sheep in your feeding trough.

Joni knows one thing better than anyone. If you are a real musician, you follow the Original Muse and you never look back until you are cornered by audience requests. Joni is Original, and that's all you need to know. If you need proof, not opinion, then let me make it clear enough for anyone to see, because most of you will never notice...

Everything you hear, on every station, every radio, every TV show, EVERYTHING with few real exceptions... All Of It is Stolen. Until you find a way to break the mold, sometimes jokingly referred to as Tradition, be they the same 3 bar chords Keith Richards has proudly played for 50 years that he stole, or anything else anyone else stole to get The Hook they think will make their music palpable to the sheep they want to shear, it's all Copped. None of it is really original. Hear enough of it, and it all turns in to the same essential stuff.

Pointing that out doesn't make it a Bad Thing. It just is what it is. But what is bad about it is that there is nothing else available to anyone unless they Evolve, and start looking for it, and in an uneducated country, no one will ever learn about the differences, or really appreciate the full span of music, or even be able to tell an Original from all the derivative semi-differentiated drivel that falls behind and under it.

Joni Mitchell stands alone, and rightfully proud of it if she has the time any more, I hope. She inhabits a lonely place, perhaps, because no one other than a few excellent musical partners will be her equal when it's time to cook. None of them will argue about who is guiding the session, but they would probably all tell you it's not them. All great musicians serve a higher muse, and when they perform, they step out. The place they go is a place any musician can share, usually only for a few precious moments on rare occasions. Joni lives there. She paid her dues. Nothing anyone can say will change a note of it. You either get it, or you don't.

As far as Morgellans disinformation and sniping is concerned, it's real, with real wounds, real unique symptoms, and no real way to combat it or treat it, like so many other diseases. It has nothing what so ever to do with diseases of the mind. It's a real problem. If you think you can score points denigrating someone for their suffering or trying to insinuate your way in to espousing some kind of intelligence denigrating people and facts with opinionated blather, you can just stick it where it does you the most good, and guess where.

Dylan is smart enough to know he's a musical pimp, and God bless him and anyone else who tried to make a living being a Poser in a field that can only be jokingly referred to as a Business, because in the musical business, everyone gets screwed, and no one more than the musicians, who have to prostitute themselves to get ahead, forced by management and cat calls to suit anyone's tastes but their own. Anyone with an ounce of soul deals with it to survive. And that's where Joni sets herself apart again. She is done with that whole soulless business. She graduated. She is no one's fool. Least of all yours.

Appreciating her is your problem, not mine. I love her. I hope she keeps running wild and free as she can ever be. I owe her that every time I open a CD sleeve or record, and find a garden in the pocket.

ghanick   2010-May-05 at 01:50:20
Hi TimeMachine -- I don't think that anyone on this site questions JM's unique talent. She is incomparable. That's why a lot of us feel that her sniping at Alanis, Madonna, et al is way out of left field. It's really beneath her. Her attacks on the music industry are more insightful and prophetic; the business is in tatters and most of what is called "popular" is disposable crap. And, though she probably won't admit to it, you can see James Taylor's influence in the early '70's, and the Police ten years later. So what? What matters is that Joni has created a body of work over the past 42-years that any other musician (with the possible exception of Dylan) would be hard pressed to match. Even Dylan had his fallow periods. I agree with Picasso; if I knew JM well enough, I'd tell her, as a friend, to get over it. Give peace a chance. She would be the main beneficiary!

picassovangogh   2010-May-05 at 09:32:05
Eh, Timemachine..... I am no sheep. I'm a music teacher and player and I've been a big part of this 'business' until I ran away. I know music and I know Joni is head and shoulders above the rest. As for my friends comments on this forum - I know they care and I know they're certainly not sheep. Your comments to all of us are insulting to say the least. We all understand genius and we rate her as the best.No one has sniped about the awful disease she is suffering from ( are you just talking in general abut the press comments?)You think we're not all disgusted by their diatribes and hideous comments? I couldn't give a shit about what Dylan or Alanis or Madonna thinks. My point is clearly written that I care about the damage Joni may be doing to her own mental state and her art. I would love more music from her, but will stay contented by the masterful stuff she's already given us - and like you, I too am completely thrilled every time I play one of her cd's. So your comment "most of you will never know..."- come on now! As someone who has known many of the names you've sighted (and played with some of them) - believe me, I know what's good and what's shit. Try to respect the people on this site as people who KNOW - otherwise they wouldn't be so in love with the music of Joni Mitchell.

charliebu   2010-May-08 at 06:19:48
Hi Timemachine I found your comments interesting as they reflect a very clear philosophy on what Art should or should not be, with originality taken as the ultimate marker of great art and derivativeness (is that a word?) seen as bad. Something along the same lines must lie behind Joni's comments. I'm not sure how 'dissy' she actually meant her comments to be, but I think she did put her finger on a clear difference between her art and his. I don't think there's any doubt that Dylan HAS plagiarised - musically all the time, lyrically some of the time, and that he IS a 'fake' in the sense that he has always played on mystery, masks and maintaining a mystique around the Dylan persona. And Joni is right that they are like night and day, in that her art is based on the search for originality, fed by her boredom with repetitiveness. Those are two very different approaches to art, and in my mind both are equally valid - most great art (art that will speak to people over centuries) is a mixture of both, very often working within a tradition or reacting to a tradition, and adding some measure of original brilliance.

If J sees Dylan's approach as inferior to her own, and uses 'fake' and 'plagiarist' as disparagement, then she is way wrong. I do wish the interviewer had been quick enough to ask her why she herself plagiarised Dylan on the Shine album, to get a better sense of her real opinions. (Go listen to 'Spirit on the Water' on Dylan's Modern Times - a great album full of plagiarism - and then This Place. Joni's melody is based on Dylan's (wherever he got his), and her last verse prays to the Spirit of the Water. It surely can't have been pure coincidence.)
I don't think J's comment on Madonna is particularly controversial (or original) - I don't think she *blames* her as somehow having single-handedly corrupted American music, but rather takes her as a marker of a cultural turn for the worse. Madonna is surely if nothing else a cultural (and commercial) phenomenon, for better or for worse, and I think Joni's comment is justified - certainly one of her less ludicrous opinions!
For the record, I believe Joni DID apologise to Alanis Morisette (or was it Sheryl Crow?) after realising the artist had been upset by whatever comment she made. And to be fair, she's not going out to grab headlines by criticising fellow musicians - she just shoots her mouth off in the course of interviews and these things then get picked on for their sensationalist value. I do wish she would stick to simply talking about her own art (or even better, keep schtum and just produce the art). It is depressing that she makes the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

cmanc   2010-Jun-08 at 23:59:44
Good on ya Joni.
Dylan is pure fake anyone and everyone knows it.
Full marks for the woman who tells the truth.

ghanick   2010-Jun-09 at 08:15:19
Ah, c'mon. I guess if you want to judge Dylan as "fake", then every other artist who has ever performed -- including Joni -- is also "fake". Maybe it is my own take on the word "fake", but I find it really offensive. Every artist has an ego, a persona, stories and tales that they spin. If they did not have the imagination, inspiration, and passion to take this rich material, add their magic, and create something new with it, we would have no art. Dylan's catalogue over the past 50 years and Joni's over the past 45 years are equally unmatched. Some of both are great, some are mediocre; it's just the process and where they were at the time of creation. Her comments about Dylan were probably taken out of context and Joni is not about to "defend" herself. As a human being, Joni would probably fly into a tirade if these opinions were directed at her! Based on what the public has seen for the past four decades, I think it is safe to say that there is a great underlying respect between Dylan and Mitchell beneath all of this hype. It's like sibling rivalry.

JM_FAN_US   2010-Jun-13 at 17:10:39
I think Joni Mitchell is right about the increasing decadence of our society. I have been thinking about what she said. I think my church is even decadent in many ways....

Can't say much about Dylan because I'm not a Dylan fan, but she does know him, I presume. She must have a basis for her criticisms.

About touring, I do not know how someone with Morgeallans (sp?) could possibly go on tour. I looked it up and it causes joint pain and fatigue.

About straining on certain notes in certain songs, you have to understand that women's voices age quite differently from men's voices. The male goes through a voice change during puberty, and then his adult voice stays the same for the rest of his life. The women goes through a voice change during menopause and her voice continues to age--even the female speaking voice changes eventually, at least for many women. We get wobbly voices. Female opera singers retire at menopause (about age 50). In other musical venues and genres, a woman singer can keep going, but she may strain here or there. It's not a Joni Mitchell was sloppy or smoked too much thing. Joan Baez strains, too. I do not mind it. I like Joni's old stuff and her new stuff. I hope she is feeling better. I pray for her every day--I hope others will too.

glinda   2010-Jul-12 at 12:57:51
It is difficult to know what the Interviewer edited or took away from his talking to Joni because it is all subjective. Interviews can be messy things.
And if indeed she meant as a stand alone comment, about Dylan, well then, perhaps she knows something we do not. Was it right to comment on him in that regard? Maybe, maybe not. I respect her artistic ability in every way for its' authenticity. I respect Dylan also but he has always struck me as being more aware of "projecting an image" from even his earliest days. He had a sense of marketing himself in the public eye that Joni did not convey. She was just as she was laid bare for all to see.
Dylan is a funny man with bizarre and tremendous quirks, or so people who have dealt with him have said. Joni is most likely not without her own quirks and human frailties. There is no "big deal here" IMHO.

ghanick   2010-Jul-12 at 19:19:49
Hi Glinda, No disagreement here. I am sure the interview was "edited" to create controversy where there might have been none. Most of the public have heard very little from Joni for the past 2+ years (if not longer for the masses who think her last album was "Court and Spark"), and she comes across very bitter in this interview. It makes you wonder how serious her health problems are. Or maybe she just is past the point of caring one iota about her public persona. In either instance, I think its sad. To those of us who love Joni, her messages have not always been sugar coated or pretty, but they've always been honest (if not sometimes angry). To lash out at Dylan really sounds out of character for her; Dylan is hardly a wannabe or a neophyte and Joni knows this. Whatever issues they have between them don't need to be aired in this way. But, hey, we're all human, and our gods also have feet of clay.

jacksparks   2010-Jul-23 at 11:08:35
I'm reposting something I posted a while back under a topic and to which nobody really responded. Mitchell has a lot to say about America. And here's the repost: Given Joni Mitchell's inclination to cast a critical eye on the machinations of the U.S. government, and the dumbed-down consumerism of Americans, and baby boomers in particular...I'm wondering why she has never spoken out on the connection between many Laurel Canyon stars from the mid to late 60s and their obvious family connections to the military-industrial complex, "research" and black ops.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Dylan and Madonna are not among this group of people. Steven Stills is, David Crosby is, as well as Jackson Browne, Frank Zappa, and a whole lot of other people. Look into it.

ghanick   2010-Jul-25 at 09:04:17
What does Steven Stills', David Crosby's et al "family connections" with the military industrial complex have to do with anything? Were their parents in the army? So what? These people, along with Dylan and Madonna, have done more to impact the culture (whether your opinion is positive or negative) than whatever their upbringings might have been. In the end, each of us chooses his/her life destiny, not our parents. This is just really an off the wall comment. Besides, those of us who actually came of age in the 60's and 70's were doing our best not to simply follow our parents' path. As far as Joni's comments about the US government and culture in general, it's no mystery that there has been a radical shift to the right after 1980. The so-called "culture wars" that you read about have to do with the right wingers, mostly post 1980, still blaming the social ills they see on the "counterculture left of the 1960's", typified by the likes of Joni Mitchell, Dylan, Stills, Crosby, et al. Conservatives dominate the media these days and have for the past three decades. Any "equal time" by the other side is portrayed as whining from ex-hippie, Kool Aid drinkers. So, if some of Mitchell's comments come across as scathing and bitter, you might want to consider who's writing the story and what's been left out.

jacksparks   2010-Jul-25 at 15:00:53
The comment is not "off the wall" in the least. I'm just posting a fact...if anyone is interested in looking into it further, they can. I don't tend to dismiss things I don't know anything about until I've at least looked into them. Your reply is banal, but not surprising.

ghanick   2010-Jul-25 at 18:49:04
Well, it sounds like you have "looked into" their family backgrounds....if so, why not just let us know your "findings". This sounds like a subject of great interest to you, so why not share it with the rest of us? As for me, I'd rather expend my energies on things of value to me. And, even if it's true that these counterculture heroes really are shills for the military industrial complex, what's your point? That the Laurel Canyon scene was just a big fraud? Even if that is/was the case, I'll take the music of Stills, Crosby, Browne, Zappa and the others from that era over the mindless pablum of today -- in a heartbeat.

bozito   2011-Sep-14 at 02:41:26
It can be argued that neither Joni, Bob or Madonna has moved into abstract expressionism, minimalism or post-modernism in the same way that say Yoko has.

They have all followed a "safer line", as Joni put it. Joni has, however, done so in her artwork. And I think she has ventured, IN SOME PLACES, into these realms in her recordings -- imho. "The Wolf That Lives In Lindsay", much of "Mingus" and "Paprika Plains" spring to mind for examples. But these are the exceptions, not the rule with her; she has chosen to maintain a dialogue with the observer, fan and critic in plain English and avoided harsh catharsis and cathexis. I don't know all of Dylan's work, but I have a similar opinion for him, and Madonna. Their work simply is not avant-garde IN THE NORM.

All this gutter-sniping therefore stems from their positions as COMMERCIAL ARTISTS, as POP ARTISTS. Joni's basic complaint is "I can't get no respect."

That is because common pattern-logic of the current cultural mythos and logos simply does not include these artistic modes as valid means of self-expression. Until that changes, her experiments will always be outside the mainstream and less popular and less than respectable, unfortunately. She expects to raise the bar of art appreciation in her audience and the culture at large -- a dubious effort given the onslaught of corporate crassness on TV and films and the level of appeal in modern novels and other genres.

So. This arguing over whomever is better or best as an artist is silly. The art world has long since moved past these three artist's positions by en large. They simply are not appealing to elitists and aesthetes.

Where have any of them tackled cubism or surrealism or Dadaism or Dali? Did Joni truly achieve Van Gogh's technique and mood and effect on "Turbulent Indigo"? I believe some of you will respond Yes, some No. It's unclear. It may be clear in Joni's mind however. And there's the affront, the sleight, if you will -- she feels misunderstood?! Well, hon, it is art's job to communicate itself wholly to the observer, rather than for the observer to make the "correct" interpretation, at least per Suzanne Langer, noted Art Professor, expert and theorist on aesthetics.

To me, Joni did the job. But I do not want to discuss it because we'll get into a debate of Master and Student vs. copy-artist. Joni has spent a lot of time studying painting styles and genres, and I think she meant it in part to apply to her music as well. I really love "The Jungle Line" -- it succeeds so well at exactly this process.

Joni has KNOWINGLY borrowed from previous Masters, including O'Keefe on "Chalkmark In A Rainstorm" in my opinion, so very profoundly, it's hard to miss if you've come to expect it. She is an excellent student BUT she also has her own style without precedent or predecessor, imho.

This is where her true anger comes from I think. This is where she feels Most Misunderstood. It's in the "emotional outlets" of her chord's tunings and structures and pluckings which are unique to Joni; therein is the heart of her style. Rhythmically she must borrow from World Music cadences to be understood at all, but she travels far and wide, even so.

I could go on. Dylan has his own style and turn of phrases she lacks, while Madonna knows how to mount a choreographed show that's a lot more stirring than Joni and Bob think is appropriate to their presentation. They each have their strengths and sources of originality. For me, Bob is the better troubadour of the three and Joni the better chanteuse, while Madonna takes the prizes for glamour and stridency. I try to stick to their positive points, rather than their negative ones.

No, if you really want to appreciate Joni, you'll give a much more serious listen to "Empty, Try Another"!! In this song she gets at addiction within materialism itself, versus our ancient Body Wisdom, and so What The Hell Is Wrong With Us In The Modern Era!! We are separated from Nature, as in "Lakota", yes, but there we AGREE with her and lament ALONGSIDE her. It is in "Empty, Try Another" that smokers and non-smokers alike cringe at the repetition of the mirror held up to ourselves, and held up to Joni too, of her own vapidity and vacuous NEED all the time for fulfillment and thrills and gratification and CHANGE. We are so accustomed to CHANGE, that we can't stand for a few minutes to hear the mantra of addiction go unanswered. Minimalist? I'd say so, in a very excruciating and painful manner. Until you LIKE this song and RESPECT it, you don't understand Joni in my humble opinion, and how thoroughly she meditates on the human condition for Insight before bringing it to fruition in composition.

If you want to hear Joni COMPLAIN and LEARN at the same time, try this song. I think her criticism of Dylan and Madonna is a piece of artwork -- we just need to understand it as such.

Jopec   2011-Dec-06 at 20:16:49
i know this is an OLD story...
i'm a new member and catching up
but i had to comment...
her comments on Dylan are puzzling and disturbing...
but her comments on Madonna,while a little grandiose,are kind of right on.
Madonna was the prime catalyst for mediocrity becoming a standard of "excellence"in the music business.
she elevated being mediocre to an art form...and thousands have this day...
just look at the charts.
but i will gave Madonna credit for making quite a lot out of a whole lotta nothin'...
i know i will have some free time during this year's Super Bowl,that's for sure!

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