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Thoughts on "Shine"

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PLytle   2009-Nov-01 at 06:08:07
Just a few thoughts on "Shine." I fear it's a prophetic record. Joni Mitchell is right that we are not caring for the earth, and our churches are becoming more loveless than they should be.

Where I live in Ohio, we still have songbirds (not as many, but still some; however, I live near a large wooded park). It makes me sad that where she lives there are only crows left. Our problem in Ohio (as all over the U.S.) is suburban sprawl. Big home-building companies are buying up all the farms for housing developments. Only the slowing economy may save the land. One can't really blame the farmers--they make more off the land than the farming, and they need to survive, too. Still, it's a worry. I even fear sometimes that we'll end up with no farms and maybe a famine. At any rate, eventually, our nation will slip in its superpower status, or maybe we'll end up with the earth as a "funeral pyre," although I pray we don't.

I'm a born-again Christian, a believer in Jesus. I read somewhere that Joni said Jesus isn't going to save us. I agree and disagree respectfully with that statement. He could save us from all that ails us, but with Jesus, what He said is that He is with us even until the end of the age. That means He is our Friend who goes with us. He will resurrect us after death, but for now He goes through life with us and makes no promises to fix up all our troubles--our job problems, our families, our friendships, our houses, our cars.... That's what we want from Him, but his is another agenda. He wants to make us loving, warm, meek, kind, patient, caring, humble, forgiving....

Joni says in one older song, "Holy books, the Bible--just a reminder that you're not good enough." That is how the Bible makes me feel. I take my not-good-enoughness to Jesus, crying out, "Jesus, save me from myself!" I think that's what He wants. And--gradually, day by day--He is carrying out his agenda in me, at least to some extent. So I thank Him for his love, salvation, work in me. I will give him my "crown" someday, because "it ain't be, babe," being patient and kind. It's him in me.

Just a few thoughts.

PLytle   2009-Nov-01 at 07:53:15
I also want to add that the church is not only failing in the love department, but we should be leading the way when it comes to caring for the earth, and we are not doing it. That was the great commission given to man in the Garden of Eden, and we are failing to do it. So the church really does have problems right now, even though I am still a Christian, as I said in my original post.

jonilogue   2009-Nov-03 at 15:50:13
I probably shouldn't say this, but "there is no god." Good luck in your search for that most elusive and mythological thingie.

PLytle   2009-Nov-03 at 15:56:13
Well, I respect your right to your opinion, while enjoying my faith in Jesus. Eventually, I believe God will create new heavenlies and a new earth, and the meek will inherit it. In the meantime, Joni Mitchell is right in her "Shine" songs that we are failing to care for the creation we have be entrusted to care for.

PLytle   2009-Nov-03 at 16:05:23
Of course, Joni's environmental concerns are not just expressed in "Shine"; they are interwoven throughout many of her recordings. Maybe "Big Yellow Taxi" was the first.

jonilogue   2009-Nov-04 at 13:02:36
Why is it that people who adore some myth called "jesus" believe they're onto something gooder than buddha or allah or the rest of the dumb stuff? I don't get it. Enlighten me.

jonilogue   2009-Nov-04 at 13:04:03
I think JM sang her take on this year. MB died. JP died. Folks die and things change. Big deal; so what. That's life and death.

"We came up from the subways....."

PLytle   2009-Nov-04 at 17:12:14
Well, it's sort of topic from Joni Mitchell and her songs, but I'll answer anyway. I am not an expert on Buddism or Islam, so I cannot speak to those religions. One reason why Jesus appeals to me--speaking personally--is that God is Spirit and unknowable largely because of that, but we Christians believe that Jesus is both fully human and fully God, so He is tangible. He walked the earth, ate fish, talked, cried, prayed, touched people. He reappeared in a new body after His sacrificial death on the cross. Thomas touched the holes in his hands.

When you admit to Jesus that you are not the person you should be (i.e., you admit that you have fallen short of God's law and have sinned), and you invite Jesus in to your life, he really does enter into a relationship with you. At that point, his life enters you, and your failings are forgiven because he paid for them on the cross. It is the most amazing thing in the world to actually experience God through him. It really does happen to people.

It's a shame in my opinion that Christianity is all mixed up with politics in this country. It is not biblical to do that. Jesus is above all that, very complex, and so simple, too. He is the lover of lovers of our souls.

PLytle   2009-Nov-04 at 17:19:28
As for heavenly life after death, I cannot imagine it, but I want it. If the present earth still shows forth beauty, despite our continuing bent to destroy it, just imagine a heavenly new earth and skies with no "Strong and Wrong" people messing any of it up ever. I want to experience it, and Jesus is the way, for me at least. I cannot tell everyone else what to do. I'm simply answering the questions above from my own perspective.

PLytle   2009-Nov-04 at 17:27:30
Mzybe we really will tame tigers and play with them in heaven...who knows?! I am talking about on the heavenly earth (the new earth). It will be tangible. I think the heavenlies are new stars and galaxies and all of that. Then, there's also a "heaven" which I imagine to be a spiritual place. Not clouds, but some realm that's like a new sense or something. I really don't know. The Bible mentions things but leaves them mysterious.

PLytle   2009-Nov-05 at 07:08:44
Are you a buddist, jonilogue? What is buddism all about?

PLytle   2009-Nov-05 at 07:23:11
Maybe I should also explain that I am handicapped, so that is another reason for my joy in Christ. If I were healthy, wealthy, and wise, I would not need to rely on him to do the things I love to do, and I would not need his love and presence--his loving company--so much.

PLytle   2009-Nov-05 at 11:59:03
"Slouching Toward Bethlehem" on "The Beginning of Survival" is another prophetic song by Joni Mitchell, based on T.S. Lewis' poem about the coming
Antichrist. But I don't really get where Joni is coming from because I read in 2007 that she said she's a buddist. Is buddism about meditation and contemplation? If so, then I'm a meditative, contemplative Christian. Maybe a Christian with some buddist practices, without really knowing a thing about buddism.

JMFriend_Canada   2009-Nov-07 at 03:44:34
PLytle - In regard to Slouching Towards Bethlehem it is based on the poem - "The Second Coming By W.B. Yeats not T.S. Lewis., In regard to God - I will say something that Joni would probably agree with... Years ago I attended a Cree Ceremony in Northern Alberta and I was discussing religion with a Cree Elder. He said to me - you see that Tee-Pee... it is held up by many poles and they start out in different directions but they all go upward and the converge at the top all to together at one central point. It is like religion, there are many beliefs but they all get you to God. I don't want to get off track. But the thing about religion is that you have to ask questions to grow, you can't blindly accept what you can't understand - it is important to get some understanding. And you probably have a good understanding of what you believe. Joni told the story once of being a kid and attending Sunday School and being told not to come back because she was asking too many questions... like who did Adam and Eves sons marry, etc... Anyway I digress. I am happy that Jesus Christ gives you confront - that is a good thing... I wish you well... Born Again Christianity - sometimes BAC feel that they are more of a Christian than someone who has come up the ranks in a more main line denomination... I don't think it is a question of having to be born again... There is a quotation that I like - GOD DOES NOT WANT US TO BE BORN AGAIN HE WANTS US TO GROW UP AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR OURSELVES. I have been watching TCT network in the States lately and I think that unfortunately the television evangelists (more like snake-oil salesmen) remind me of Joni Mitchell's song "Tax Free"... Always with there hand out asking for money and preaching at times nothing that has anything to do with God other than right-wing propaganda and asking for more money. For their sake, I hope that God tunes into another channel and doesn't watch TCT. I apologise for the rant!

PLytle   2009-Nov-07 at 06:32:02
Ah, it's Yeats, not Eliot. Thanks for clarifying that. I loved your ocmments about religiion. I like discussions and asking questions. I may be wrong in some of what I say. I know I have this thing going with Jesus, but how do I know how God interacts with the billions of people in the world? I don't know. I myself have been on a pretty curvy path to Jesus, and have sometimes been so mad at him what I felt like calling the whole thing off. I don't attend a BAG church very often. I'm a member of a Lutheran church, and I go to a big Vineyard church once in awhile. There is a big televangelist money stealer here in the city where I live in Ohio, and I can't stand him. I don't watch any of that stuff; actually, I watch very little TV because it's junk and I have a lot of hobbies that I love so much more. Still, I do call myself a born-again Christian because it's based on John 3. Jesus told Nicodemus he had to be born again, and Nicodemus was totally perplexed. Jesus said it had to do with the Spirit blowing where it will and said we have to be born of spirit and water. It's open to interpretation what it all means. I do think God wants us to grow up and take responsibility for ourselves. I'm with you on that all the way. Thanks for repsonding.

PLytle   2009-Nov-07 at 06:51:20
About the Indians, I read in "Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee," that Christopher Columbus that Christopher Columbus told the King and Queen of Spain said of the Tainos on the island of San Salvador, "So tractable, so peaceable, are these people that I swear to your Majesties there is not in the world a better nation. They love their neighbors as themsleves, and their discourse is ever sweet and gentle, and accompanied with a smile; and though it is true that they are naked, yet their manner are decorous and praiseworthy."

When I was little, someone told me that the Hopewell Indian mounds in Ohio were the Garden of Eden, and I believed it and part of me still wonders about it!! Maybe two Hopewell Indians were Adam and Eve?? I was fascinated by it when I was a little slip of a girl.

Anyway, parts of Ohio are still very pretty, and I sometimes get a whiff of what the Garden of Eden must have been like. It's just that so much of the land is being eaten up by shopping centers and housing developments. A couple of my favorite scenic roads have been utterly destroyed. I hope it stops, but how can I do anything? We don't have Greenpeace where I live.

PLytle   2009-Nov-07 at 09:07:28
About churches and money, it sort of irks me that they all preach tithing (giving 10%). Even my little Lutheran church is that way; I've never gotten into with our pastor, though. The thing is, tithing is an Old Testament practice, part of the Jewish taz system. In the New Testament, tithing is never discussed. The standard in the NT is giving generously, and it's in the context of helping the hurting. So I give to my church as I see fit and give generously to various charities that are helping people who really need help. I guess my pastor would say that it doesn't help pay the bills, but the bills could be scaled back if needed.

PLytle   2009-Nov-07 at 13:40:10
JM_Friend, I've been thinking about Joni's childhood experience at Sunday School and her question about who Adam and Eve's sons married. I think I would have said that we don't know if Adam and Eve had daughters, but they must have, and there must have been inter-family marriages. That is taboo now based on the law given to Moses, but that was much later. It's so taboo now that we don't know how to handle the issue, but the prohibition and shame must not have been there for them. That's what I would have told her if I had been her teacher at church. Of course, I'm kind of inventing my interpretation of the Scriptures, because no daughters are listed, but to me that doesn't mean there were no daughters.

Siquomb   2009-Nov-08 at 16:14:59
PLytle, Unfortunately Joni's Sunday School teacher may not have been all that familiar with the scriptures of Genesis or willing to search out an answer. My mother told me that when she was a Sunday School teacher and her pupils would ask her questions she couldn't answer and her religious leaders couldn't answer her numerous questions, it would become "God's Mystery" and was left at that. She was left very unsatisfied with that answer.

Adam called his wife's name Eve, because she had to become the mother of everyone living (Genesis 3:20).

And the days of Adam after his fathering Seth came to be eight hundred years. Meanwhile he [Adam] became father to sons and daughters (Genesis 5:4). So all the days of Adam that he lived amounted to nine hundred and thirty years and he died. (Genesis 5:5).

This is how the earth was to be populated and what God had in mind. Adam and Eve were to get busy having children and their children would also have children and so on. That was God's purpose for Adam and Eve and the earth. His command. God Blessed them [Adam & Eve] and God said to them: "Be fruitful and become many and fill the earth and subdue it...." (Genesis 1:28).

Adam and Eve were perfect when they were created. They had no genetic defects. Their children & great-grandchildren were closer to perfection so there would be no birth defects. It was God's purpose for brother and sister to marry and "fill the earth". The Bible identifies Cain as the first born and after killing his brother Abel, was banished to the land of Fugitiveness (or Nod) to the east of the Garden of Eden.

Afterwards Cain had intercourse with his wife and she became pregnant.....(Genesis 4:17). So it would make sense that Cain already had married a sister at the time of his brother's death, or very soon after. Cain and Abel may have been about 100 years old at the time the story took place, because Adam was 130 when he fathered Seth. So they were not the only children of Adam and Eve. Cain had to have married a sister. No doubt there were other brothers and sisters born in-between whose names were not mentioned in Genesis. The Bible speaks of the hundreds of years individuals lived. Because they were closer to perfection they were still having children after the age of 100. The Duggar's have been married only 25 years and are expecting their 19th child. Imagine if Michelle Duggar's child-bearing years continued into her 100's and she kept "being fruitful!" Or she continued to have one child every year and a half until she was the age of 130 or 230 or beyond. Adam died at the age of 930. That must have meant hundreds of years of child bearing for Eve. One can only imagine just how many children Adam and Eve actually had while carrying-out God's command to "be fruitful and become many and fill the earth".

Marrying one's sibling was still going on 2,000 years later when Abraham married his half-sister Sarah, and God did not disapprove. "She is truly my sister, the daughter of my father, only not the daughter of my mother; and she became my wife." (Genesis: 20:12).

About 450 years after that the Nation of Israel were given laws that forbade incest with death as a penalty. Cursed is the one who lies down with his sister.....(Deuteronomy 27:22). God created these laws against incest to protect the populations from the genetic defects that were now being passed from generation to generation. Laws that needed to be followed because, as Joni sings, "we've got to get ourselves back to the Garden" and perfection once again. We are so far from perfection now that marrying one's close relative like a brother or sister or first cousin produces a high probability that a child could be born with genetic birth defects (physical and/or mental). The proof can be seen in groups of peoples that stay tight-knit and don't venture out, or have multiple wives (polygamy) and marriages are among close relatives and everyone is related to each other. Warren Jeff's polygamist community is one example of people suffering from these-types of birth defects known as Fumarase Deficiency.

PLytle   2009-Nov-08 at 20:53:50
Well, Siquomb, thank you for going into detail and connecting the verses regarding what I was coming at improvisingly and intuitively. That is so helpful.

One question I have about Christianity is the whole feminine side of God. Since man/woman are made in God's image, is God not just the Father, but could it be God is also like a mother? It is so ingrained in me that there is the Father, Son, and Spirit that it feels sort of heretical, but sometimes I feel I need God the Father (in His tender strength, for instance); other times, I feel I want God the Mother (some kind of womanly understanding and nurturing or even a woman's sort of strength and firmness--well, I cannot explain it). A Mother God. So I asked one friend who knows the Scriptures well, and she said in the Hebrew there are some adjectives modifying God's names that are in the feminine form, and that interests me, but of course I'm not a Hebrew scholar, and neither is she, but at least she let me talk about it and wasn't condemning. I know there are feminine images in the Bible in some places. So this is just something I'm pondering. Is it a heresy to pray, "My Mother in Heaven" when that's what you need? Well, I've done it recently, and I haven't been struck by lightening.... So who knows?

The Bible is a patriarchal book, but that doesn't really bother me. I mean, "vive la difference"! I'm asking, I guess, about the difference within God.

PLytle   2009-Nov-08 at 20:55:57
Well, to relate this feminine God thing to Joni Mitchell, since this is her web site, just think about some of the sweetness and tenderness and toughness in her music. Does God the mother cry out about "tire tracks and teeth marks"? Does God the mother sing, "Stay in Touch"?

PLytle   2009-Nov-08 at 21:08:09
I meant "tire skids and teeth marks."

PLytle   2009-Nov-09 at 07:06:56
About Indians and God, in the book "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee," there is one example score sheet of Indian worship music with the lyrics, and the lyrics are beautiful. The book says the music is courtesy of the Bureau of Ethnology Collection. When I read it, I thought, "I bet Joni Mitchell could figure out how to play this music." But I know she is retired according to this website. But someone could do that. I am not a musician, but I think I could figure out the tab if I really worked at it, but it's not my thing.

My thing since I was little is handspinning yarn and knitting and weaving. I actually made Joni a scarf of my yarn and mailed it to her agent using the address on this forum as a retirement gift, just because I felt like it. I kind of wish I had made her a hat and 3/4 smoking mittens, too, but I wasn't sure I oould make that much yarn out of the particular dye lots that I did. Maybe I will try. I'm not a fanatic or a stalker--I don't think she comes to Ohio, so I'll never meet her. But I love her and I wanted to give her something back.

I have this parkisonian-like neurological problem with tremors, so my spinning and knitting are not perfect, but they come out with their own look. Each is one of a kind. It is a craft, but also a kind of art form. I cannot use a spinning wheel as well as I used to because it's too fast, so I use drop spindles. I just ordered a Navajo drop spindle, which is for making heavy yarns and I'm gonna try to make some heavy hats for the homeless in Columbus, Ohio, where I live. I've never been to a reservation, but the Navajo women made (still make?) blanket weavings, and I might try that, too, eventually and give them to the homeless. It will be a slow process for me, but who really cares how long it takes? If I do it, I'll just work away at it when I have the time.

ghanick   2010-Jan-17 at 08:01:23
I thought your question was about "Shine". Mostly, it's turned into the wonders of Jesus and being born again. Why is it so difficult for intelligent people to simply accept Jesus as an enlightened individual far more in touch with his higher self than most? He most assuredly did not want to be worshipped or deified. His spirit and his teachings have influenced millions through the ages. And so have thousands/millions of others. Do we "worship" Plato or Shakespeare or Socrates or the Beatles? If Jesus truly was around, he'd have none of it. "Greater deeds than me shall ye do," he said. Most tragically, however, his teachings have been used as an excuse to murder and enslave millions over the past 2000 years. It's been used as an excuse for arrogance, war, and hatred, which leads inevitably to self-destruction. Surely, Jesus the man would cry. So, if you want to know the meaning of "Shine", here it is. Like all good art, including the bible, "Shine" can be interpreted to mean whatever we want it to mean.

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