Happy Birthday, Joni! 2009

bluenorther [Latvia]:
Congratulations on your Birthday, Joni! You are a real Treasure.A few artists are essential in Music.I know - you are.
TeddT [Australia]:
Many Happy Returns to a wonderful artist,musician and living legend. Your songs reached out so long ago all the way across the seas to a little boy in country Australia with a wireless radio and an imagination for all the beautiful sounds and words that someone like you could bring. You are appreciated by so many,and their days are brightened every time they here a Joni tune.
Many Thanks and sincere wishes on your special day,
Tedd Turton
thetaximan [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni. I wish for you the most wonderful day, week, year. Your music, and art has nurished my soul.
John Titter
rwjensen [United States]:
Dearest Lady Mitchell,
Always, the best of wishes to you any day of the year but, most of all on your birthday. What luck we all have had to be born in your time and experience your gifts first hand. Many November sevenths have gone by since I lived in Los Angeles remembering evenings "At My Place" in Santa Monica and the rare appearance of herself. I hope you are enjoying one of your famous birthday parties this night with the closest of friends.
Robert Jensen

eliashar [Israel]:
Joni - you are the Queen!
I just took a road trip from Santa Fe to California and listened to you in honor of your birthday.
13 hours in the car with Joni - total bliss, from Blue to Hejira to Indigo.
Thank you - your spirit will always be with me.
dshatin [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Joni. I have never written to someone through the internet before, but it is an amazing coincidence that I just happened to look at your web site for the words of a song on the same day as your birthday. I was one of the very lucky people to hear your concert at the Filmore East in the later 1960's with an amazing light show as well. Your music, both wonderful guitar playing and beautifully lyrical voice, have been an inspiration for me all these years. Though I now live in the midwest I carry all the beauty of the music from The City (New York) with me in my heart.

Happy Birthday!! And many more happy years ahead.

Deborah from Minneapolis
GratefulGarciaGathering [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni, we all at the Grateful Garcia Gathering dot com wish you many many many more years of creating the best real music EVER! =)
use_ton [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Joni!

From a fan in Houston
Sunnie [Canada]:
Dearest Joni,
What a perfect Canadian West Coast day for your birthday....sun shining through pink clouds all day....sprinkles of rain...so lovely! Happy birthday, Joni. We are all enjoying some Irish Whiskey and listening to your music all day and night. I hope this day is as perfect as it has been for my Joni lovin' friends and I. I'm looking forward to seeing your ballet in Nanaimo, B.C. in January! So much love, and thanks to you for everything that you gift us with. I wish you were here to sing and dance with us!!!!
Sunnie Lindell
Taffygirl [Wales]:
Penblwydd Hapus (in Welsh) Joni. You are in our thoughts and in our hearts. Thanks you for the warm feelings and just a few tears.

Love and cwtches from Vorn and Sarah
garycork [Canada]:
Happy Birthday Joni!! We are time twins since I was born on the same day in the same year. Have never heard of anyone else who is a time twin!!
All the best.
Gary cork
stansalah [United States]:
Hey Happy Birthday Joni.
It's Sunday afternoon and just catching up on some computer work and thought I would listen to some music like I did late nights at college in the 70's. It was your music that gave me life during that time and filled my Sunday afternoon today.

After visiting your website for the first time, it is a coincidence today is your birthday.

Hope there are many good days in front of you.

Happy Birthday,
Morgan Hill, CA
fwidman [United States]:
Dear Joni,

Endless thanks and deep appreciation for all your gifts that you've brought to the world, most especially for helping me find my path to knowledge. Please know that I send you distance Reiki to help relieve your affliction with Morgellan's disease
Much love,
musiclover [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni,
It is your birthday and I get the gift!........listening to your music, heart and soul throughout the
day. Forty years of your music are in my DNA! Your ART-music, lyrics and paintings are rainbows to the world. Wishing you the best and brightest.
Big Love and Peace,
Jamie Curtis
Nevada City, CA
(Book recommendation=THE WORLD IN SIX SONGS by Daniel Levitin)
ELSIE [United States]:
For a young girl growing up in the sometimes madness of the late 60's you were an oasis. For your riveting artwork, your beautiful songs and voice and your liberating independence I thank you and wish you a wonderful birthday. As an aside, one of my great memories is sitting in Mandie's Drugstore, a burger joint in Tel Aviv in the 70's and hearing you sing Coyote from the Last Waltz album which was being played on the radio station Voice of America being broadcast from a ship out in international water in the Mediterranean. How appropriate!!!
Wonderful birthday, Joni! Thank you for over 40 years of music, poetry & paintings. Nobody else has ever moved me, touched me or made me think like you have. You have been an inspiration, my best heart-felt friend for most of my life. Thank you for being there where nobody else was. A longtime fan with love, Terri.
summerset7 [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni,
Your music has inspired me ever since I heard your very first songs.
It touches a part of my heart and soul that no one else has.
Your incredible talent is beyond words. Your paintings, poetry and style is a gift to the world! I hope you will continue to shed your light for many years to come. All the best! Dave, St.Petersburg,Fl.
evev [United Kingdom]:
Happy Birthday Joni! Wishing you the happiest of birthdays : ) Thanks so very much for the beauty your paintings, music and poetry - Eve,UK
evamangialajorantzer [Italy]:
Happy birthday Joni and thank you, from the deep of my heart, for every single word, every moving chord and every painted colour!
With everlasting love, Eva Mangialajo Rantzer.(45 years old, listening to your music since I was 15)
jlspaziani1959 [United States]:
Hey Joni,

Happy B-day! Another year wiser though, right? I turned 50 this past May and now I stop answering when someone asks me my age!Please tell me that you're coming out with a new Cd after "Shine!" That Cd is so you. Beautiful! All the best,


Jody L. Spaziani
fae13 [Canada]:
Sweet Bloomlet.. you shine! happiest of birthdays!
thank you for your songs, your music, your paintings...
many an autumn day i have spent with tea, canvas, and your voice on vinyl.
i am so inspired by you.
much love and respect...
SASSYONE [United States]:
Dear Joni, My name is Kim and I am 52 years old. For the past 40 years of my life, I have wished to meet you.
Your music has enriched and changed me. Thank you for everything. I am so happy you were born. With love, respect and gratitude...
Happy Birthday!
P.S. I once went to bed with an old boyfriend so I could see you perform in Pittsburgh. Crazy, right?
<•))>< [Canada]:
Happy Birthday!
jpsdad [United States]:
Happy Day Ms J! Thanks for all the dreamy days of listening!
me4you [United States]:
the important thing
is that
it is joni's birthday today
me listening to her cd: blue
while watching it rain
from this north by west
grumbling sky
like i did
that one day
some thirty years ago
on the kibbutz
instead of working
in the soaked
apple orchards
i played hooky
in my friend's snug dry room
us gazing out at the brown hills
- lebanon
sips of thick turkish coffee
listening to the prayers
that spun off
the scratchy used copy of blue
that i had somehow found
(in that land of miracles)
in a beat tel aviv record store
a few days before
and had saved
for the perfect moment
to bring out and reverently place
on the altar of 33&1/3
those songs that
tattooed our lives
that got
so deeply
underneath our skins...
then and now
what to do
but let the rain -
what to do
but take that chance
at finding -
sweet romance
sweet romance
beneath those/these
unyielding, moody skies
with their sweet kisses
- of insistent
but gentle
robert lovitt
Happy Birthday, Joni!
hugoverschoren [Belgium]:
Blow out the 66 candles, Joni.
Please come to Europe again!
Hugo Verschoren
imhappiness [Canada]:
Happy Birthday to a woman who changed my life in a way that is impossible to express with words, unless you're Joni Mitchell. I hope to be as beautiful as you when I grow older.

keifergodot [United States]:
Hi, Joni! We share a birthday thirteen years apart! I always hold you in my heart on this "bald-headed day of November" each year. So, from one birthday boy to one dear birthday girl, "Happy Birthday, and many rich blessings to you in the year ahead!"
Zoom [United States]:
Happy Birthday to an awesome Lady in a league of your own! We are SO blessed to have you in our lives!
beatntrack [United States]:
Happy Birthday to the greatest songwriter in the world. Thank you for opening so many windows on the soul.
embee [Norway]:
Imagine that! My two albums might never had been written, if it had not been for me discovering you 28 years ago. I was fifteen and fell in love. The love for your music, and lyrics, still lasts!! No one above! Happy, happy birthday;) Much luv - Embee
joebob53 [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Joni, from Pope Joebob The First. Song of the day for my flock is "Big Yellow Taxi". Your songs continue to entertain and inspire.
fogelberg [Scotland]:
With my Best Wishes for a Happy Birthday Joni. Lots of love from Malcolm.
LauraStanley [United States]:


HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!!

Dr. Laura
foxwoman1 [United States]:
Happy Birthday - the planet is blessed that you are here! Peace and Love, Paula
jannie [Norway]:
Happy birthday! You are the best. :)
Roy&Katie [United States]:
Joni, have a great day today and everyday! We are so blessed to have your writing, singing and painting in this world. Thank you.
gardengal [United States]:
may your dreams be alive, your soul inspired and many heartfelt thank you's for all you have given us. Peace Joni and Happy Birthday

dawn_passaro [United States]:
Good morning! I wish you a wonderful day, and hope that you have many many more wonderful days and years. I am so grateful for your music. The depth of feeling you have brought me is precious.

The world is a much better place because you are in it. I have followed your music closely since the early 1970's and you are amazing, and beautiful!

Thank you so much!
josephgardner [New Zealand]:
Happy Birthday Joni; I hope you enjoy a most fabulous day,
Love Joseph
danmes [Italy]:
Happy birthday dear Joni.
I have a little present for you: this is a poem (in italian) that has been published today on this sitehttp://www.scrivere.info/poesia.php?poesia=114103&t=Da+lontano+un+augurio+da+me
and it is my best wish for you and your art.
With love
Daniela Messana from Rome - Italy
kittycat11 [United States]:
Joni--your music is a trip to the greatest wonders of the world. Thanks and happy Birthday!
lucyba [Argentina]:
that my birthday is the same day as you is great:)

I'm from Argentina and recently discovered your wonderful music, is amazing what you can do with just a guitar and your voice
Many good wishes to you today!
alvyhall [United States]:
Happy birthday Joni!
Thank you for your wonderful, one of a kind music... you continue to inspire me!
Brad Kleiman
maryannplant [United States]:
I wish a lovely happy birthday :)
pcohill@comcast.net [United States]:
Hi Joni, I love you and your music!

I hope you have a the greatest birthday ever!

I have been listening to your music for 35 years! Wow doesn't time fly?

I hope you are doing well.

Would you please let me know if you ever come to the Washington DC or Baltimore area, I would love to see you in concert!

Patrick Cohill

danibrm [Brazil]:
Joni, i'm 19 and just fell in love with your songs, with the beauty of your soul... happy birthday! kisses from Brazil, Daniele =)
spitfirekid [United States]:

I was just listening to your greatest hits tonight and was thinking about what I was doing when the songs were new to the radio. I remember especially dancing to your songs in my living room with my wife before we were married 29 years ago. You've brought a lot of joy to our ears and our home ober the years. I wish you good health and many blessings.

Happy birthday!

Bob Mizek
law [United States]:
Hippo, Birdie, two Ewes!
Joni, you are beloved...
All the best.
from Law in Vermont
kimullsteng61 [United States]:
When I listen to your music for hours which I love so much, It carries me over to other great bands from "those days", which I miss so much. We had such great times in the 70's and the "best" music. You've inspired so many musicians as well as non-musicians~~~I thank you for that....I cannot even imagine your music not in my life! So I wish you a very happy day...and many more birthday's to come..Love and Peace, KIM
lizdean13 [United States]:
Joni, the kids and I are celebrating your birthday tomorrow by baking a cake and singing and sewing my daughter's wedding dress and painting and arranging flowers. When I do these things and listen to your albums I am doing exactly what I was doing at fifteen. That was the year that a friend handed me a copy of "Ladies of the Canyon" and my life was forever changed. My husband and I fell in love to your music and your songs are my childrens' lullabies. Happy Birthday, we all love you, Liz and Rick Dean
Willie_Yanock [United States]:
IYUSKI TONPI APETU !!!! Joni, with all my heart. Willie
nytinguynurse [United States]:
I awoke today and found the frost perched on the towne,and thought how long you have been brushing aural paintings in the galleries of my heart and mind and am overjoyed that the masterful work continues , those galleries continue to be a soulful artful place to linger,many happy returns NYTINGUYNURSE
TroubadourGraham [United States]:
Greetings from Eugene, Oregon, Roberta Joan Anderson. May this be the Happiest Birthday Ever! I was fortunate enough to be stage manager (lights and sound) at the Troubadour the night David Crosby brought you for your first audition. An unforgettable privilege. Also when Tim Considine did a 'live concert photo shoot at the Troub not long after for the Blue album.
Steve Martin remembered me this last Sunday from his "Early Days" in L.A. so please pretend you do too. =?) And the African Violet I and 3-year-old Aaron brought you when you were sick.
Blessings on you, Joni.
markafranks [United States]:
A beautiful friend turned me on to "Song for a Seagull" when I was in high school, and I've been drinking cases of you ever since! After 40 years, I still race down to the store to pick up your latest release! Thank you for providing the soundtrack to my life. Happiest of birthdays, Joni...I'm so glad you were born! Here's to sharing many more songs of life together...may they turn into butterflies above our nation...Mark
shutupalready [England]:
Happy Birthday Joni Love Dave
tequila [Germany]:
Happy birthday, Mrs. Mitchell. I was about 17 when Hissing of summer lawns was released. I have been growing, your music has been growing too and - since then - has always been a good companion to me, whether in good or bad moments. Impossible to express my gratitude. Please continue creating art and music. Dream the impossible and shine on. All the best, health and happyness, Yours, Ralph.
tequila [Germany]:
Happy birthday, Mrs. Mitchell. I was about 17 when Hissing of summer lawns was released. I have been growing, your music has been growing too and - since then - has always been a good companion to me, whether in good or bad moments. Impossible to express my gratitude. Please continue creating art and music. Dream the impossible and shine on. All the best, health and happyness, Yours, Ralph.
narniamom [United States]:
For Joni, a woman of heart and mind, may your special day be filled with love and the enjoyment of being surrounded by your friends and family. :)

Heather of violin flats
joefar [England]:
Happy Birthday Joni. Hope you have a wonderful day. Love and Hugs. Joe.
absurd51 [United States]:
Happy Returns, and I mean many...Thanks for all since I first heard Buffy Ste Marie do your song on the old rebel radio station WBAI in the mid 60's,and they mentioned your name as the song writer...loved you since..you're one for the ages, Rick
swedelovesjoni [Sweden]:
anders from sweden says Happy birthday Joni! I've loved your work since I was 14! (10 years!) always inspired you, this is my music; www.myspace.com/detektivbyran
chaseynz [New Zealand]:
Happy birthday Joni. I hope you have a lovely day, but most of all, I hope that you are well.

With love, Adrian.
Lilykat [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni! Am one of your biggest fans!!!! Have a great Day!!! Pam from
New Jersey
robert [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Joni
You have always been in a class by yourself.
I have been playing your music for 40 years.
Shine on, Joni!
Jacky [England]:
Hope you have a wonderful birthday, an exciting year and that you come and perform in the UK sometime soon!
arden [Netherlands]:
HAPPY BIRTHAY JONI! I wish you a lot of happiness and a good health! ... I really hope there will be a follow up for Shine!!? Thank you for all the inspiration in my life!
Betty, Amsterdam
martincyrus [Germany]:
Happy Birthday and a lot of happiness, creativity and health. Thank you for a lifetime of good music. It always gives me a goos feeling, when I listen to your songs
Martin Cyrus
Vegavision [England]:
Happy, happy birthday Joni. Thank you so much for your music which has brightened my life for over 20 years. Nick.
DyannBowen [United States]:
Have a wonderful day...thanks for the memories, Joni.
tombasek [Czech Republic]:
Happy birthday, Joni!
I wish you good health and a lot of inspiration!
Thank you for your music!
johnnyfoley777 [Ireland]:
Happy birthday girl. Thanks, from a breeze who's been blown away by the song and deliverance of every tune I've encountered you through.

another Coyote on the white lines
bullmoose999 [Canada]:
Hi Joni - Happy birthday. Thank you for the hundreds of hours of musical and lyrical inspiration you have given me for over 40 years. You just keep getting better. I had to be older to understand so much of what you wrote. So very much of it applies to me. I hope to meet you some day.
Norm Vancouver
JillAnninCalifornia [United States]:
I'm so pleased to know your music. It's been dear to me through the years. I wish you the best of everything on your birthday.

PLytle [United States]:
Happy birthday! Hope you pop the top of some good champagne and have a great time! Love, Patty
loriblue [United States]:
Hello Joni, I don't know if you would have time.....but if you do? I knew Henry in the mid 1980s. A wonderful man. I was a young songwriter and my birthday is also 11/7 I've always loved your music, your sound and your creativity. I did some recording at Skyline in Topanga and Henry and I would dine at a nice restaurant right in that area, and one time he said he was going to cruise up and see if you were home. My heart pounded but he never invited me to go along. I saw you once in Hollywood and got too star struck to say hello. Funny since I was in the biz for so long. But anyway. Hello. I miss him. Nadine was lovely too.
Cordially, Lorie Blue
Diane [United States]:
And the seasons really do go round and round....I hope this turn is filled with joy and wonder for you - I know your music has filled my life with that and more.
candyboyd [United States]:
I can't tell you how much I love you, now get your ass on the internet. Happy Birthday Candy
danielespagnesi [Italy]:
Happy birtday to you. From your great fan from Lucca (Italy).Do you know this beautiful town?
daniele spagnesi

Junebug629 [United States]:
I've been following your life and work since I turned 10 in that great summer of "69". An only child, who stayed with her Father, you filled in that missing Mother gap for me and taught me everything in life that I needed to know. You made me laugh and cry, and in the process taught me that it's the same release. You saved me when I went through my divorce, so from one divorced mother and woman of heart and mind to another: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JONI!!
phenry [Guam]:
So many years since we've seen each other... I believe I was there for your 22nd... Warmest regards on your special day; one many of us see as a holiday!
Much Love,
Pat Boland
michaelquek [Finland]:
Hi Joni Happy Birthday to you!
We noted your how you suffered in your youth.
We remembered you in our prayer to make the decision to receive Jesus Christ as your saviour for eternal Life. You are so gifted!

michael, dorothea and ezra.
Lintuvaraantie 21 A23
Espoo 02560 Finland.

Jesus Says in John 10:10 I have come that Joni Mitchell may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

MichaelToronto [Canada]:
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday incomparable Joni
Happy birthday to you!
GaryMeeker [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni!
All my best to you Joni...you've always been my special companion, during all these years...
rubyvere [United States]:
I wish you happy birthday this Saturday and a year filled with everything you could imagine. I am playing a tribute concert in your honor that day (Pittsburgh)and will be remembering the time I spent with you and Shaula Elder in Los Angeles in the 1990's. You are the greatest inspiration and I love you Joni!
morten [Norway]:
Happy Birthday, Joni !
The first time I heard your magic voice was on the radio in "Free man in Paris" some 35 years ago, and since that night your music has been there with me as a great joy - and comfort sometimes - every day through the years. And surely will be in the years to come !
stevengoetz [Australia]:
Happy Birthday, Joni!
Still waiting for you to come back to Sydney. It's been too long. Agate sends her love. Have a great day.

Steven Goetz xxx
courtandspark86 [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Joni! Of course you would not know, but you are seeing me, and I am sure many others, through their 23rd year. Love and life are complicated now, but because you were born, and because you gave birth to so much truth and art, I know I will reach where I need to be.
Enjoy this day~Cameron
llisaja [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni=) Your music has seen me through the times of my life...Thank you for sharing your art in all its forms with us. I hope your birthday is magical and full of grace.