Happy Birthday, Joni!

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DavidGilbert [United States]:
Many, Many, Healthy and Happy Birthdays, Ms. Mitchell. I am so lucky to live during your lifetime and have your music.
Diane [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Don Juan's Reckless Daughter! I shared my thoughts in a blog:http://asubjectforconsideration.blogspot.com/2011/11/don-juans-reckless-daughter.html

wobbly [France]:
I grew up in America in the Blue era, a mountains and rivers hick like Joni. Then I grew up further and started playing music - based in Paris - 30 years ago, music that would seem to owe a lot more to Fenders and punk then to dulcimers and folk... yet listening to "Coyote" seriously, recently, for the first time in my life and then over and over and over (the "Last Waltz" live version) has left me broken-hearted with wonder. The lyrics are touched by grace. Fluid, poetic perfection in the rendering of the characters and the sentiments and the narrative and... not to mention the miraculous singing/phrasing... Who could write a better song on the subject(s) than this one? Maybe only Joni Mitchell. Happy Birthday, a day late, dear poet woman. And THANK YOU.
ernestoisaflower [Italy]:
Happy Birthday sweet rose!
bothsidesnow2 [United States]:
Dear Joni,

My birthday gift for you is my love, admiration and respect. Your voice, words and melodies lifted me onto a floating island of renewed hope, faith and love when I had struck bottom. I'm still aloft on that silver lining covered on both sides of clouds' illusory vapors. But, when our eyes are anointed with love of God, Krishna, we find our true solace and liberation. Please chant Hare Krishna from now on. Thanks, Emily - ekb@benjaminfamily.net
alanroosa [United States]:
Another year, and the seasons they go round and round. My wish for you is that you never hear another telephone screamer. Happy 39th birthday, Joni!!!.
Bobprice [United States]:
Have enjoyed your music forever. Celebrate your birthday well.
Hissing [Italy]:
la tua musica ha cambiato la mia vita ti ringrazio per la tua onestà intellettuale, ci conoscemmo nell'ottobre del 1988 in Italia al Club Tenco a Sanremo ed ho una foto insieme a te. Tanti auguri ancora Giaime
Hissing [Italy]:
Happy Birthday

adameast [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Joni.
I am organizing a birthday tribute concert on Wednesday, Nov 9th in Portland, OR, with some fantastic musicians playing your music all night. It's at a place called The Alberta Rose Theatre. I happen to be from Alberta, Canada, and I book the theater. In January, we are having a tribute concert to the late, great David Rea, a Portland resident who just passed away last week, with whom you played music in the '60s. I hope you had a great day! Best, Adam.
CHRISTIAN [United States]:
caseyjayfromparis [France]:
Bonjour from Paris, Happy Birthday Joni,Joyeux Anniversaire, My Best Caseyjay
pmeyer [United States]:
Your words and music are, of course, wonderful poetry, changed my life so much for the better. "love is touching souls..." But your example, your resilience, your courage to do that which many balked at, your doing the Mingus album, your Dog Eat Dog album when Reagan was in power, are wonderful inspirations to those thinking about censoring their voice for fear of recrimination. Many, many happy returns. And please record the next album soon. Please.
Love and gratitude from Shanghai.
vivesh [United States]:
One of my favorite lines of yours if you will, I believe was on Miles of Aisles.. when the audience was shouting what they wanted to hear you perform & you responded by weaving a poetic tapestry that is etched in my mind saying " the difference between a painter & a musician ....No one ever said to Van Goh.paint a Starry Night again man !" You have touched my life forever.!My gift to myself for high school grad. was 2 tickets to your concert in1974 St.louis. I will never forget your Beauty, your Vulnerable Poetry, & very DEEP Soul that nite. I have since met & heard Robben Ford play here in SB, CA. & hearing him perform brought back the memory & genius of Court & Spark ! Thank you Joni for ALL the Gifts from "the strings & the page" that you've shared. Wishing you & your family much heartfelt JOY & Fullness .Your work is Timeless , as are you .
hi joni,
i'm a singer/songwriter as well. i started late in life (when i turned 38). i always had a desire to be an artist, but my confidence in that department took a long time to develop. a year or so before i took the plunge and recorded my first cd, i picked up your dvd, "woman of heart and mind", and it was a huge inspiration for me to just do it. even today, when i start feeling like i can't write or when i get stuck in a bad writer's block, i put that movie on and i'm inspired to keep trying. at some point, i intend to cover one of your songs. (but i have to work up to that :) happy birthday, ms. joni... (and PLEASE - any chance that box set will see the lite of day? :)
jdmiller777 [United States]:
I live in the sweet town of Morro Bay, California. No doubt you know of this place, having passed it on your way to Big Sur... I know of no other singer/songwriter who has carried me through life with as much depth, meaning, emotion and elation as you have. Thank you for living your life just so, being your love, passion, expression and lyrics. May your joy continue to grow richer with each day of your life. Your paintings are as amazing as your smile. happy birthday~ I am Julie, a mere 53 myself...so, for many years you have been with me... bravo, and peace~
jeanmarie [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Joni, and many more! Thank you for the joy and confidence you always exude. Thank you also for sharing your great musical mojo, your humor, your sweetness, inventiveness, and keen intelligence. Glad to know that you are a fellow Scorpio/Sheep--your birth year being 1943 and mine 1955.

Will love you forever and a day,
Jean Marie
rconradrowe [United States]:
A very happy birthday to you, Joni. Thank you very much for sharing your music and life through the years. Loved to listen to you as a kid growing up in the 60s and 70s and I love to listen to you now. All the best to you. Ronnie
leecoyote [United States]:
Well Joni, you turn 68 today (nine months after me) and I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday. I thank you for all the wonderful music all these years and the joy, sorrow, insight, and learning how to feel life deeply that went along with it. And seeing you at the Big Sur Folk Festival in 1969 and meeting you there was and still is one of the highlights of my life.

Best Wishes, Lee
Callie [Canada]:
Happy Birthday, Joni!

I have always wanted to write you a message. Your growing up years in North Battleford, Saskatchewan are distant now but my Dad recalls them fondly.

Your Mum and Dad were neighbours to my grandparents, Harold and Ida Craven. My father, Tom Craven remembers how you and he strung a line between your bedroom windows and passed notes from time to time. He also has fond memories of the plays that the neighbourhood kids put on in your parents garage... He remembers that, even then, you had an amazing passion for music.

It's funny how memories travel with you through life and I'm glad that he has shared his memories and introduced me to your music.

Thank you for your music and your art, Joni. It's beautiful.

Warm regards,

Callie Craven
Lethbridge, Alberta
karenpaull [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Joni. I always enjoyed your beautiful songs and music but it wasn't until today that I learned that we were born on the same day, Nov. 7, 1943. Enjoy our day. Best wishes, Karen
rvilla006 [United States]:
Happy,Happy Birthday Joni. You are a great inspiration to me with your music, voice, the voicing with your guitar chords and the message in all your songs. I love it. Peace!!
Happiest of days to you!
Happy Birthday Joni! All day today I thought of you and that you were born today and what a gift you are to this world. I wish I could meet you someday to personally thank you for all the gorgeous music you have given me
I will never forget the first time I heard the Blue album. I wish to be just like you some day
love light peace
microdogmatic [United States]:
So happy to be on the planet with you. You sing the things in my heart and help me understand and live and love my self and my life better. Patti
alifong2002 [United States]:
I heard on WFUV FM Fordham public radio today that it is your birthday. I don't usually write on singer's websites but I wanted to tell you how much your music has meant to me. It is so heartfelt and has touched me over the years- especially Court and Spark. Thinking about that album reminds me of my time in college- the good times I spent and the many hours I enjoyed listening to your music- and reading the lyrics (poetry). Thank you, Joni. Many more healthy years ahead for you, I hope. Alison xo
colleenb [Canada]:
Hi Joni! All the best on your birthday. I had the honour and pleasure of meeting you with Alberta Ballet. Fiddle and the Drum is my all time favourite ballet, and I saw it in Edmonton, Calgary, and Toronto. The film you did was brilliant! You are Canada's gift to music. Hope you come out with a new album soon. Urge for Goin' is my favouite song. xoxox Colleen
nyrogrl [United States]:
Sage, genius, mindbender, poet, prose dreamer, two grey roomer, wildwoman, cloths horse, painter, tv watcher, brilliant, renegade, listener, teller of truth, watcher, political satirist, lover of an earth, man to man'er, cat girl, architect of a life, my dark room listener now for 40 years. Happy Birthday to a Remarkable artist and peeker into my soul.
ptortuga [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Joni, and many more. I love ya.
john2047 [United States]:
Saw you way back when. Ravinia Pavillion. July, 1968. You were magnificent. So sublime. I have loved blue straw-flowers ever since.
RPERNICE [United States]:

darkcafemanager [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Joni... from a fellow aging child. Vince
halfmanhalfhorse [England]:
Dear Joni, You've been an inspiration for more years than I care to mention. Big love and good wishes come winging their way to you from Liddypul (Liverpool).

Have a wonderful birthday. x
judeebramm [Canada]:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! you're such an amazing woman, an inspiration, a touchstone, a genius....May the coming year bring you plenty of laugher, satisfaction, fulfillment, love in abundance, music, dance, painting, wonderful adventures, fantastic dreams, loyal friends, and radiant good health.
Judee Bramm

Bonnie [United States]:
Dear Joni~

Dear Joni~I would like you to know you have been a never ending source of inspiration to me for over 35 years. Your poetry and song and unique artistic expression have been a continual source of strength and liberation to my soul. Our world got lucky when you arrived! I celebrate your life's roots, your wanderlust, your endless journey, and your keen sense of vision that speaks for so many of us. I hope you find stronger health and a deep sense of contentment as this upcoming year unfolds. I am ever grateful you have been a part of my life .
With heartfelt love,
Bonnie Dankert
chrisblues [Canada]:
swankyspoon [United States]:
To Happy Birthday Joni! Thank you for the music!I wish you the very best!
beach668 [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni, Your music has kept me company on many a day, thank-you!
Wishing you well, peace. Virginia
Philip [United States]:
All the best Joni, your voice simply put turns me to butter, anyways Happy day of your birth, Philip
john2047 [United States]:
Saw you way back when. Ravinia Pavillion. July, 1968. You were magnificent. So sublime. I have loved blue straw-flowers ever since.
Thomasmmeier [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni! Thanks for sharing a part of your beautiful soul with the world! Love you!
mitchellsdakota [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joan, thanks for sharing your soul and helping keep life alittle more in perspective, your words, music and laughter have all been such a huge part of my life growing up and I wish you many years of happiness, family and friends but most of all good heath and cheer!
jeff ps- I love your paintings!
gretacarlson09 [United States]:
Happy birthday Joni!! Thank you so much for all you have released from your own mind into the world! You illustrate the human condition beautifully. Have an amazing birthday!!
anne [United States]:
You saved me 1000 times over the past 45 years, in a 1000 ways. happy birthday, Beauty!!!!!!!!
talanc [England]:
Happy Birthday and thank you for providing words and music that have been a refuge and a celebration for all the joy and sorrows of my adult life.
bobbybkt [United States]:
Joni..Happy Birthday girl.As ayoung man, I would dream of meeting you, and you would take me away, be lovers, sing together.Nice dream for me.I can still drink a case of you, and still be on my feet.Bob
rickdroit [United States]:
Joni, Happiest of Birthdays oh California Girl.. "someone told me there's a girl out there, with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair" I recently read that Robert wrote that song for you and it seems quite fitting. .I love your music, your open tunings and voice and skill at crafting not only lyrics but true poetry that speaks to my soul, "you're in my blood like holy wine" -- have a great one, I hope I get to meet you some day and play a song together -- Rick Droit
shannyo [United States]:
You are a part of my heart.... unparalleled as a woman of heart and mind. Happy, Happy Day!! May this next year bring you as much comfort and beauty as you bestow on us.

ellisjw [Canada]:
Best wishes to you on your special day from your Middlepoint neighbours.
timfortes [United States]:
Dear Joni, Happy Healthy Birthday! Tim Fortes
southcoastgirl [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Joni! Thank you for a lifetime of enjoyment through your music, words, voice, art and humor. As a teen living on Martha's Vineyard, I posted the words to "A Case of You" on my wall and read them daily. Many decades later, it is still my favorite song. You're an inspiration!
Jopec [United States]:
A great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY,Miss Anderson !!
Loved you and your work forever! Hope all is beautiful for you today and always!
You are the best !
cloudmama [United States]:
Happy Birthday! I have loved your music, paintings, poetry and you for a very long time. Thanks for all the beauty. And many Happy Returns to today!
beck [United States]:
Joni thank you for your music and art I have been listening to you since I was in seventh grade,I just turned 50 this year.You swing
clo171 [United States]:
Happy birthday, Joni! I hope you have been having a wonderful day. You have been right there with me since I was about 17, helping me make some kind of sense of it all. That's 40 years now... !
bonnietroy [United States]:
Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady! Thanks for the inspiration!
Cranston [United States]:
My birthday is today also.
I played a little Joni last night at around 12:30 a.m. on MY night ride home .
Cheers and many more!
jenferber [United States]:
Happy birthday, Joni! Thank you for sharing your music, art, insight, love, and humor with the world. You truly are a goddess living among us. Wishing you many blessings in the coming year.

dickyhoseman [United States]:
joni i'm 57 today so we share a common day. i've always enjoyed your music and your art. from the conga player in the ice out band, HAPPY BIRTHDAY love dicky
christiandavies [United Kingdom]:
Happy Birthday to Joni Mitchell and please check out 'Joni Mitchell Fans' on facebook for a very special Joni 68th Birthday tribute! see you there!
timclack [New Zealand]:
Wishing you a truly happy birthday, your music has been a sort of constant soundtrack through the ups and downs of my fifty years. Long may you run!
Carl [United States]:
I met Art in a bar in October 1992. He walked over and started talking to me and I was not that interested. Nonetheless, I gave him my (real) phone number and the next week we went on a date. I was not that into him, and I was thinking that after the date, I'd decline an offer to see him again.

At some point during the date I asked him what he would do with his life if money were no object and he said he'd be a disc jockey. At that point, the date took a hard left and we connected over music. It turned out that we were both huge Joni Mitchell fans.

A month later I left for a second exploratory trip to Amsterdam that I'd planned several months before meeting Art. I was thinking of moving there, but two weeks into my planned three-week trip, I realized that Art had many of the qualities I was looking for in a partner and that I wanted to try a relationship with him.

I had never met anyone who was into music or Joni Mitchell as much as I was. Art, being a few years older than me and having grown up on Long Island, New York in the 1960s, had seen her as well as some of our other musical idols (Laura Nyro and Miles Davis for starters) perform live.

In 1998 we traveled from Denver to Minneapolis to see Joni in concert at the Target Center. Again, he'd seen her years before in New York, but I had never seen her perform live. We came home with a wonderful memory of the performance and several autographed posters of her paintings.

We'd been together for twelve years when Art died of metastatic esophageal cancer in 2004. I was holding Art in my arms when he transitioned from this level of consciousness into the next. Joni Mitchell's music had been playing in the background all afternoon as his body was shutting down. Her music was playing at Art's memorial service as well. Joni's music will always keep me connected to Art.

Happy birthday Joni. Thank you for the gift of your music.
calicogata [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Darh'ling,
My cats and I are listening to you all day today. My birthday wish would be,to be able to see you in a concert TV special. Joni, your are words are more precious silver, Joni, your paintings are more costly than gold and you are more beautiful than diamonds and nothing I believe compares with you. May the forest be with you.
Peace and Joy, Calicogata
dcdeur [United States]:
warmest wishes for you on your birthday.
Thanks for being you, you helped so many of us with your lyrics, and songs, get through some difficult times
Your the greatest!
Rina [Canada]:
The little girl full of wonder and dreams. The one who thinks any thing is possible still resides in me and is alive and well in part because of being influenced by your music and art over the years. I spent the last year in Saskatoon and I got a real feel for the prairies and the wonderful creative people who live there. Thank you for being real and letting your songs touch my heart. Happy birthday Joni - any blessings to you, your daughter and grand children in the years to come.

Much love,

Gouveia [United States]:
Dear Joni,

We share astrological signs! For all the gifts you have offered me over the years I thank you. For being real and sharing yourself with millions, I thank you. For writing and creating from the heart, I thank you. May this moment bring you as much joy and comfort as you have brought to millions. Happy Birthday and many happy returns. A grateful fan in Oregon.

Jim Gouveia

gabots [Denmark]:
Hello Joni, I love you, I love your compositions.
I wish you long life on the Earth,... Happy Happy Birthday!

I thank you exist & I know YOU!

Gabriel Bots
lmyles [Canada]:
Your music changes lives, changes directions, moves the heart like no other. So proud you are Canadian. Best wishes, Laurie Myles
lucywebster [United States]:
Dear ~Joni~


I was 13 when I started to play guitar.(a Checkmate)Then when I was 17 my Dad bought me (Scarface) a Yamaha 180-still have it.

That same year at 17 I went to a gal friends house and she said..."you play guitar...have you heard Joni Mitchells new ALBUM For The Roses?"
I said..."Joni who?"

Sorry mybad...Baptist upbringing...

BUT the MOMENT I heard you though....I was hooked.

Fast forward many years-AND guitars later...you are STILL an inspiration!
Thank you.

Funny thing...this morning I looked at the calender and saw it was November 7th...right out of the blue I said to myself...WOW IT'S JONI'S B-DAY! Then I thought I'd check out your site...low and behold I could leave you a greeting...yeahhh- sooo...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Joni (yes, and MANY more!)

BIG LUV from

Lucy Webster
PS Come to Kingman AZ....I'll let you play Scarface : )
We'll swap "alternate tunings" and eat cake in the desert!!!!
RoderickK [Ireland]:
Greetings from the West coast of Ireland, just got my new Blue CD. Happy Days, Happy Birthday, and many more Ms. Mitchell!

Happy Birthday, poet,lark and friend. Enjoy your day and spend it with your favorite folks.
RolandWalent [Hungary]:
Hi dear Joni,

First of all I wish you a very happy birthday! :)
I hope you spend this day as and whom you would like to, with your loved ones :)

I'm a new fan of your music, lyrics, concert and your paintings, all your album covers also. So essentially I love your life achievement :)
I'm 21 years old anyway from Budapest :)

When I heard Both Sides Now more times on the legendary jazz-orchestral performance that you gave in 2000, I decided I'm going to buy all your albums, and this is in continue.

In this summer I bought Hejira and Wild Things Run Fast, which are strongly confirmed my devotion to your music, to all your works :)
Since then I have in original CDs Clouds, Ladies Of The Canyon, Blue, For The Roses, Miles Of Aisles, Shadows and Light's '80's edition, Dog Eat Dog, Both Sides Now and Songs Of a Prarie Girl.
Among your DVDs I have 'An Intimate Performance' and your '83's concert from Wembley Stadium with interviews and scenes from your paint-exhibition room, 'In the '80's.

The albums I haven't got yet I 've listened from MySpace, and I love all your albums, they're fantasic, and really true, so special masterpieces.
You are a genius composer and painter, and also a very symphatic and nice human charchter down on earth. I like so much to listen to your interviews.

You, your works, music and paintings are very important parts of my creative loneliness. Makes me feel inspired and feel totally touched by your art.

_A very special and huge thanks_ goes to you for your life achievement, and for your own scale of values both in music and as a human.

It would be very hard to call one, two, or five albums my only favourites from you, because your whole art is a breath-taking.

Anyway Hejira haunt me so much, in these days I listen a lot to Songs Of a Prarie Girl and the songs of Shine. From the song Night Of The Iguana I got goosebumps, and also from Stay In Touch. And your paintings are still touch me strongly.

You are inspires on so many of my other favourite female artists, who are:
Annie Lennox, Jennifer Rush, Suzanne Vega (they're mentions you a lot), Alanis Morissette, Cyndi Lauper, Tanita Tikaram, Tracy Chapman, Tori Amos and Madonna also.

I'm so happy about that you won 8 Grammy Awards, among your Grammys because of your song Down To You, and for One Week Last Summer. Your 7 nominations would also worth Grammy Awards, it's brighter than the sunshine.

Your music goes under my skin, and I can hear in my ears whereever I am :)
And a lot of times many of your songs I started to hear in my soul and brain when I walk in the autumn and winter times :)

PS: The package of Songs Of A Prarie Girl is fascinating also :)

Thank you for your life achievement, thanks for all what you've done in music and paintings Joni :)

I hope one day I will see you live in concert somewhere, and maybe in that you will give a dedication day in some music stores somewhere :)

I'll wirite more :)

Your devoted fan from Budapest,
happy birthday to you again,
Roland Walent

LougheryG [United States]:
Your music and art has colored my life year after year...my fellow Scorpian, I wish you great love and peace of mind and many, many more birthdays. with so much love, Geri
Izzi [United States]:
paracelsius [United States]:
Oh Joni. The best of days and happiest of celebrations on your birthday. Your beauty, wit, talent and all that other jazz has filled my life since a coffee house in Toronto all those years ago. I quite simply would not have wanted to go through it all without you. All the best
Alexa [England]:
Happy Birthday Joni. You are an absolute inspiration. Many Happy returns. Alexa (Sutton Coldfield, England)
imdoug [United States]:
Happy Birthday from your friend Charles John Quarto sent by Doug
brooksider926 [United States]:
You, and you only, helped me learn alternate tunings on my guitar. With open E tuning, my first song was 'The Circle Game.' I've also sung 'The Fiddle and the Drum' for people who don't know your music, which is the best! Happy birthday, dear, sweet Joni! And stop smoking! We want you with us for a long time! Much love from a multi-decade admirer. Your songwriting and your painting send me to another dimension every time. Kisses!
bookwoman [United States]:
Your music shaped my life, certainly my youth. Thank you! Happy happy birthday!
RandyH [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Joni! Thanks for all the great music through the years, and especially for memories of a terrific concert in 1974 at Universal Amphitheatre. May you live to be 150, and may the last voice you hear be mine! Randy.
mkawadob [United States]:
Birthday greetings from your A#1 fan. Also, a birthday request. If you so desire, a new album would sure be apreciated for those of us feeling a little hopeless these days. Your albums are a treasure!
Buster4me [United States]:
Have a wonderful birthday & thank you for all the life changing music you have given us over the years. Your music has been the background to all the major changes in my life. Mary MM
NancyFJones77 [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Joni!!! For personal reasons, Blue and Hejira were really important for me during that time long ago, but it has all been great!! As is your web site. Nancy, Tucson, AZ
Have a Happy,healthy,peaceful ,lovely birthday Joni.I only wish you the very very best for all the beautiful and spiritual and intelligent and heart-felt music you entered into my ear-space so willing received that I felt and still do feel,so compelled to share the beauty of your spirit with other simpatico souls.I'm a Jewish-Christian if I had to label myself(and I believe you are not as of yet anyway;if I'm wrong I stand corrected).but it doesn't matter in the art sense,because we all take from great art( and believe you me Joni,yours is great art)what we need to complete to complete our sense of fulfillness and hopefully share it with others to make the world a happier and more attuned place.
So it is in that spirit,that I say Bless you Joni for all time and may you have many many beautiful and joy-filled days to discover the Love all around you and continue to share it with others in any capacity that you choose.PEACE
afriendofspirit [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni!!! Many thanks for all the amazing art you've given the world. May many more years bring you as much love as you've brought us all!
JoannofHtown [United States]:
Great Gratitude to U Joni for all the Gifts U have given the world. Songs to a Seagull was a Lifeline to me at a very important time. Ur Messages in Song Resonate in the 'H Arts' of Many. May the Joy of knowing U blanketed the World with Divine Song fill Ur Heart Always...
sconurse#1 [United States]:
Happiest of birthdays to you oh namesake of mine...
All my love and adoration.

Joni Schriver
inclearlight [United States]:
Joni: You say it's your birthday ... Happy birthday to you!

I'm one of the contributors to "Blazing across the Sky." I was totally psyched and honored to be asked by Lisa to contribute to this great collection dedicated to your amazing work.

Long may you prevail!

Steve Starger
A former "trouble child"
livingiseasy2 [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni. Your music has filled my life with so much joy for so many years. Thank you, Rosemary
RachT-B [United Kingdom]:
Happy Birthday Joni! Thanks for the music! Have a great day!
dvandorn@proponentfcu.org [United States]:
Hi Joni - Happy Birthday!! The genius of your words is unparalleled. You have been an inspiration to me for over 30 years. Have a wonderful birthday and great year ahead. Debi
nytinguynurse [United States]:
The most recent pictures of you with Bonnie and Jane are AWESOME, Happiness is the best facelift.Enjoy each day, and please find your way back to music, we Mitchellites are a selfish lot.
ulfilas007 [Germany]:
dear joni,
my best greetings and wishes for Your birthday. though I am 303 days older than You, You have inspired me many years to write, compose, sing and play my own german chansons.
wulf hühn, hannover
ottomarcos [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Joni! I've been a fan of yours from the very beginning, and am especially thankful I was able to see you perform in concert on 4 different occasions, throughout the years. Love & Best Wishes from Otto in Austin.
I am an American visiting France and I have spent the last hour learning more about you-even though I have been a fan since I was 13 years old. I was once very fortunate to meet you in NYC at your art opening....anyway, now, I learn it is your birthday! Love all around you, Joni.
WholeyWine [South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands]:
If you were here I would give you a kiss.
kootenayguy [Canada]:
Hippy Birthday Joni! thanks for many years of great music, I hope you are being celebrated on your birthday, wishing you very good health, happiness and smiles and laughter!
moonchild79 [United States]:
happy day-of-birth, joni. your transcendent musicianship and poetry are nonpareil. your songs reach deep into my soul. they will until i die. your songs gave voice and vision to many a bruised and damaged psyche. bless you and have a b-day filled with spirit, love and light. you deserve it all. much love and respect, peggy gallagher
janisth [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni! Wishing you much happiness, good health and joy! I never grow tired of listening to your music. It will always be an important part of my music library. Thank you, and happy birthday to you!
janisth [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni! Wishing you much happiness, good health and joy! I never grow tired of listening to your music. It will always be an important part of my music library. Thank you, and happy birthday to you!
widnesian [England]:
Many happy returns of the day is what we used to say from where I'm from. Happy birthday, Joni, with much love from Tony in North Carolina by way of Northern England. There is no one quite like you. x
ArekK [Poland]:
All the best to you Joni. There is no place in the worled where You and Your music are not loved. Arek from Warsaw, Poland
ArekK [Poland]:
All the best to you Joni. There is no place in the worled where You and Your music are not loved. Arek from Warsaw, Poland
dogtownpaddy [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni........ your music got me through the hardest of times! You are a precious melodic gem in a world of musical mediocrity.
sherriegood [United States]:
Happy Birthday to you! I went to my first concert in 1972, I was 14! I am so glad a book is coming out to explore Mitchell's poetry. Yes, she is an amazing, singer, songwriter, painter, but to me, above all, she is a poet extraordinaire.
trudesky [Norway]:
Happy birthday from Norway! Love your music always! :-) Trude
Pulah [United States]:
Wishing you joy, love, and all things wonderful on your special day, Joni. Thank you for sharing yourself with us. You feel like an ol' friend.
hejira [United States]:
Happy Birthday, dearest Joni! You are a lighthouse. Your musical and artistic offerings have forever made their mark on my life. I love, love, LOVE you!!! May enjoy many many returns (round the season)... Xxx
BetsyBlue [United States]:
Happy Birthday, my twin! (I came out 39 years on your tail.) Keep creating beauty in the world...we need it.
janisth [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni! Wishing you much happiness, good health and joy! I never grow tired of listening to your music. It will always be an important part of my music library. Thank you, and happy birthday to you!
nicolasc007 [Argentina]:
Happy birthday Joni, thanks you for your 'Miles of Aisles' cd. I love you!
maudlinmuse [United States]:
Your worldly contributions have been great and much enjoyed. I love that I can share with friends now in the internet age. Happy Birthday!
nicolasc007 [Argentina]:
Happy birthday Joni, thanks you for your 'Miles of Aisles' cd. I love you!
MaggieA [United Kingdom]:
Thank you for being the soundtrack of the past 41 years - discovered you when I was 11, when my ears picked out the Jingle Bells theme in River and I started to listen properly... xxx
Allaudin [Italy]:
Have a wonderful birthday Joni! I think to you every day of my life as a part of my inner family!!!
hibly [England]:
Happy Birthday Joni. You have given me so much joy. With love Hibly
lagreca [United States]:
Have a Joyful Birthday, Joni! Hope you're being spoiled and pampered!
paz [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni! Hope you are well. Thanks for having the best fans in the world. It is such a joy for me to get together with people all over the world and celebrate your music and our friendships that are some of the best friends I have ever had. Hope to see you out painting or singing or just hanging out soon!
Love from New Orleans

JanetCaliri [United States]:
Celebrate YOU, Joni, ALLways!!!
StewartSPS [United States]:
Joni - I'm still waiting to meet you honey....its never too late...happy birthday
Buon compleanno il mio amore per sempre
phenry [Guam]:
Happy birthday Joni! The last time we saw each other was when you were about 23yrs old. SO MUCH beauty has come forth from you in all these many years, it has enlightened this whole world, especially for the people here. I hope it's a wonderful beautiful day for you! - Pat Boland from the Cellar in Port Huron MI, circa 1967
calhoon98 [United States]:
"hope your wishes all come true, may you stay forever young"
Happy birthday... I love you Joni,'cause your a part of me and we'll never be apart. Hope to see you in Italy,soon or late,but please come!
Happy Birthday,
Forever Young From Osaka Japan
Jonifan91 [United States]:
Happy birthday Joni! Thank you so much for everything you have done, and still continue to do! Your music has gotten me through some very hard times in my life, and also brings back some wonderful memories that I will never forget! I hope that you have a WONDERFUL birthday, and many more to come! Love you Joni!
-John from Nj
picha [Spain]:
Happy Birthday. Happy Life!
Torontolotus [Canada]:
Dear Joni,
I was at Massey Hall in Toronto last week for a concert and thought about how I used to see you perform there in the 1960's and 1970's. Those beautiful performances of yours are still etched in my concert going memory as some of the best concerts I was fortunate enough to attend. Thank you, with profound gratitude, for sharing your incredible artistry with all of us, through all of your great albums and live performances. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Joni. Best wishes from Elizabeth.
scott207 [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni! May your day be filled with peace and love.
njJoniGuy [United States]:
Happy birthday Joni!
Thank you for everything
Many happy returns
alioshak [Chile]:
A little late, but anyway... have a happy birthday, Joni. Your music inspire us to be better persons
gracemiles [Italy]:
My wishes for you, Joni
With love and gratitude
I would hug you if I could
You are a piece of me

LOUREIRO [Brazil]:
Happy Birthday Joni, you are my diva, my favorite singer and composer!!! I adore his work, and have all his CDs/LPs.
God blesses you, Health, Peace, Love and Success always my dear, Vanderlei Loureiro.
galaxis [Hungary]:
Happy Birthday , Joni! You gave me a lot of positive energy through Your music. greetings : galaxy

rflynn [United States]:
Happy birthday, Joni!
Chuck99 [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni your music has inspired me and helped me for most of my 49 years (my Birthday is today as well) Love and happiness, Chuck
garden [Canada]:
Happy Birthday Joni. You were and continue to be an inspiration to me. Thank you for the music. :)
earstohearyou [United States]:
May this day of your birth,and all days of your life be joyful! May your name be written in The Book of Life!
Cat_M [Canada]:
Happy birthday, Joni. Thank you for the years of wonderful words and music.
intagma [Argentina]:
Feliz cumple, Joni! Gracias totales.
ihadaking [United States]:
Have a happy, healthy birthday and year. May all the beauty and joy that you share with the world come back to you every day.

LesSands [England]:
Happy Birthday, Joni. You are an inspiration to millions and your music and art will live forever in my heart. All my Love. xx
ric3188 [England]:
Just have a happy day Joni.
Angeles [Spain]:
¡Happpy birthday Joni!. My family and me hope you have many more. Thank you for your art, your music. You make us feel. Thank you. Kiss.
SueMc [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni! I wish you many more years of happiness, love and creative energy!! You are my hero!
KylMac55 [United States]:
i am a musician and you are my teacher. i love listening to music but i will get an album from a favorite artist, or any artist, and listen for one week and never listen again. yet you are different. you are the only artist i return to again and again. my music sounds nothing like yours and, to be honest, neither do my lyrics. but i have always used you as my north star when writing lyrics. i admit i fall far short but the only reason they are as good as they are is i use you as the guiding light of writing lyrics. i read yours in awe. i want to be that good. i never will but i am so much better because i have used you and the example to follow. in a world where thousands of musicians have inspired me, you have inspired me the most. i am one of those who love the more recent albums more than the early albums. you have just gotten better with age and i yearn for the day i will hold a new release from you in my hands. have a happy birthday. you are a national treasure and you make the world of music a more intense and awesome place. and you made me a better writer. you mean the world to me. it's a good day to celebrate your life and art. happy birthday
nicoleksmith [Canada]:
Have a wonderful birthday Joni! You keep inspiring me... I am a singer too albeit amateur and classical but I always love listening to your music wherever and whenever.
Love with deep gratitude,
Hamilton Ontario
jimmy [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni. Thank you for your music, art, and bringing so many people together.
noahvail [England]:
as they say in this part of the UK, 'appy birfdee! You have been the soundtrack to my life since I was about 3 years old and it wouldn't have been the same without you, so big thanks and here's to many, many more birthdays.
dilys [Australia]:
Dear Joni
Thank you for following your truth. It's so very special to leave this message to a woman and an individual I have listened to, loved and respected since I first heard Both Sides Now and had to explore the beauty, wisdom and richness of the author. I know where I stand.... in gratitude for you being true to you and the gift you have given to the world.
May your birthday and future be filled with love and light.
with love,

Stukez [England]:
Wishing you the happiest of birthdays and the strength to have many, many more.

& thank you x.
deeaugust [United States]:
Happy birthday Joni! I hope you have many, many more. Thank you so much for your music and words.
evamangialajorantzer [Italy]:
Happy birthday Joni!
Thank you so much for your art. You know how to share it, with wisdom and creativity. I've grown with it since I was a child.
It's been instructive, helpful and ...simply wonderful!
trumpetman74 [Spain]:
Happy Birthday, Joni. Your music makes me happy. Thanks a lot.
AndreaSoler17 [Australia]:
Dearest Joni,

You are such an amazing woman, songwriter, musician and artist.
Thank you for all that you bring into this world!

Come to Australia soon!
Much love,
Andrea Soler x x x
lovlou [Italy]:
"She is one of those ones where the sparks all connect. There's some magic that took place there". (David Crosby) So true!!!

Happy birthday, wonderful lady!

from a 35 years old woman that will love your music forever. ♥
jbjbgcmb [England]:
Happy birthday to you.

Thank you for so much you have given me.

If ever you are in Chippenham, Wiltshire, England, then drop by and have a cup of tea!!
lovlou [Italy]:
"She is one of those ones where the sparks all connect. There's some magic that took place there". (David Crosby) So true!!!

Happy birthday, wonderful lady!

from a 35 years old woman that will love your music forever. ♥
pagandawn [Singapore]:
Happy Birthday To Joni Mitchell! In This Crazy And Confusing Times We Live In Today, Thank You For Reminding Me That I Am My Own Being With A Voice. If Only I Could Translate All They Joy Your Songs Have Brought Me Into This Message I Definitely Would!
morten [Norway]:
Happy Birthday, Joni ! Thank you for your music and your words - they have been there with me as a dear friend for almost fourty years and will stay with me forever !
anavozone [Portugal]:
Happy birthday, Joni, your music has filled my heart, my soul and my ears for mannnnnyyyyyy years. A big hug from Portugal!
bassrolf [Germany]:
Dearest Joni, have a very Happy Birthday! I saw you in Germany 1983 and it was one of my greatest concerts ever. And there were lots of before and after...!
44pbb44 [Canada]:
Hope you have a wonderful and peaceful day surrounded by people who love you; as I have loved you & your music throughout my life. I hope you still enjoy your gift of such a unique voice -- it has brought great joy to many others.
Highcentered [United States]:
I am so happy to wish you a happy birthday! Thank God the technology has finally caught up to make this possible for me. I am a long time fan. In fact, back in college in the early eighties you became my very favorite artist when a friend gave me a copy of Hejira. I listened to it all summer, and since then there has been no other band or artist to topple you from my number one position. And now I get to tell you of my utmost admiration for you,and wish you a Happy Birthday at the same time. Thank you for so much amazing music! -Richard-
bassrolf [Germany]:
Dearest Joni, have a very Happy Birthday! I saw you in Germany 1983 and it was one of my greatest concerts ever. And there were lots of before and after...!
tassos [Belgium]:
Happy Birthday, Joni, you'll live for ever!!
enzolemos [Argentina]:
Happy Birthday Joni!!!,i´m argentinian and i live in Rosario,Argentina.I´m cab driver and i like "Big Yellow Taxi" so much, and the concert in BBC october 9,1970.I would like to see you in a concert.Will you come to Argentina some day?I hope, so.
briojaxen [England]:
May you have warm words on a cool evening, a full moon on a dark night, and a smooth road all the way to your door.
bansavich [United States]:
Happy Birthday,Joni! We love you. Thank you for the many gifts you have left for humanity.
luvjoni [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni, you heve help me maintain my sanity through the years. Wish you health on your birthday, and may you continue to share your wisdom with the world.
Hanimaru [Japan]:
Happy Birthday Joni (`・ω・´) I wish for you to live a long and healthy. I'm 35years old. And only 15 years yet pass since I listened to your song at the first time.I really wanted to know you earlier! 

mcpetersrd2000 [United States]:
Joni, your art has touched millions. Your legacy will live on and on. I'm so grateful to God that He gave you to us...as part of our generation. Thank you for being true to your gifts and expressing your artistry ceaselessly. I have been a fan and follower for more than 40 years. Without knowing it, you have been there for me, in times when I don't know if I could have made it without you. Happy Birthday
sunsetjunctionmedia [United States]:
I love how in Miles Of Aisles you ask people to seen in "their best out-of-tune voice". I love to sing, regardless, and so I sang this one for your birthday. http://youtu.be/pphAOtvwdO4
murcam49 [United States]:
HB on you, Joni! Hope it was a great one.
merlyn [South Africa]:
Happy Birthday Joni! I share a birthday with you, and have been a huge fan since I was 16....your music and words live in me always...
Merlyn (7.11.1957)
jcmdigiton [Germany]:
I wish you all the best. Your music has touched my soul.
ksm558 [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Joni! Your music will forever inspire me...
pmjacobs13 [United States]:
Happy birthday Joni. Hope you had a splendid day and best wishes for a year full of wonder and joy.

davidmarine [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Joni. You're looking great, and I like your new updo. Have a wonderful day!
expojeff [United States]:
Hoping you have a wonderful day with family and friends! And not too many candles either... :*)
anaisninja [United States]:
Happy birthday to a fellow Scorpio (I'm 11/2), a fellow Canadian, and a fellow badass babe. You are at the top of my list of 5 people I would invite to dinner. The other 4 are Maya Angelou, Bill Moyers, Dr. Cornell West, and my beloved deceased mom. Thank you for being your uncompromising self!
To Joni Mitchell on her birthday:

You will never know how many paths my mind has followed because your music and words have pointed the way. Your words continue to spark thoughts and stir emotions. Your music delights my ears by striking chords of inquiry that challenge my perception of music. Your voice will always reverberate in my soul. Thank you for sharing your gifts. My life is richer for having had the benefit of your insight and the great pleasure of experiencing your art.

Happy Birthday, Joni!

Mark Scott, Shoreline, WA

finlb [Australia]:
I wish you a marvellous day
richnew [Canada]:
You are very special in my life. In San Francisco several years ago, you wrote in my copy of "Voices" that my tears at meeting you were precious. And that you were moved by seeing a man like me cry. My very best to you and thank you for all you have shared with me.
Hi Joni, It's Gayle from Saskatoon, remember AM Lunch? Lou? Al? Ruth? Donna?
I live in New Westminbster BC, love to see you when you're here or near by
timgast [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni. You changed my life in a great way, for that I thank you.
jordan8 [Canada]:
Wishing you a very happy birthday Joni!
and thank you for all your music, it continues to amaze and to resonate deeply with me, in different ways as the years pass...

coolcliftop [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni! I hope all you wish for comes to pass
LCStanley [Canada]:
Have the best birthday dearest Joni!!! Thank you for bring so much joy through your songs into my life!!! Enjoy the seasons in this circle game. Here's a song for you: http://www.amazon.com/Rings-Of-Life/dp/B0013878RG
jasper505 [United States]:
Happy Birthday. The album Blue instigated bliss last night amongst my friends and me.
StephenGrayce [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Joni, and thanks for all the music. I hope you had a wonderful day. I did - spent part of it in my hammock listening to "Mingus". :)
jimfoley2005@hotmail.com [United States]:
Happy being born day, you have inspired so many to be the good.
bkelly [United States]:
Happy happy birthday Joni! We last chatted with you in Banff before The Fiddle and the Drum.

Here is to your awesome day.

Bill Kelly & Randy Billman from Denver

pen64 [United States]:
Sweet Joni: Your Music is my constant Companion. It Transforms Me, Heals Me and I Love You very much for it. I hope you have a wonderful Birthday! So, So Much Love, Paul E. Nelson
cjwilson [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni!
'Love is touching souls... Surely you touched mine ' ..thank you for painting pictures with your canvas and your music.

DJCollett [United States]:
When I turned 16 in 1969, my best friend Barbara Michael and I sat under a tree on Route 9 in Kinderhook NY, and she sang me "The Circle Game" and played her acoustic guitar as my birthday present. It was the best gift I ever got in my whole life. Thank you, Joni, for being who you are and bringing that song to us at that time. I've never forgot it.
mvpete [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Dear Joni! You deserve all the hugs and kudos you get. My friend Al recently told me he gets tingles when he hears your vocals. Hmm, well anyway ... My wishes for you - Best day, best week, best year yet!
oxyalum [United States]:
Happy birthday, Joni! Thank you for your music and art. You've left an indelible impression in my life.
DaveyD [Canada]:
Hey, Joni, I hope you celebrate well! I remember meeting you when you first came to Toronto in the early days of Yorkville, when we shared an open stage. Ahh, Joni Anderson from Saskatchewan, what a nice memory. Isaid to my friend, "She's going a long way!"
musicfan [United States]:
Happy Birthday Joni! I hope you are doing well.
ghanick [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Joni. Much support and love to you. Thank you for the gift you have given the world. You are the embodiment of a life well lived -- with the best yet to come.
WildWoodFlower [Italy]:
Happy birthday to my favourite singer. What really is amazing of your songs is how they exactly describe a moment of your life. I can't even count how many times I must have thought your songs perfectly suited the situation.
So the heart of the matter is: you made me feel less lonely, thank you for that.
jlamadoo [United States]:
Many thanks for your words, music, and visual art. You are the tops. Much honor and respect from central Ohio. Jim L'Hommedieu
glodiolas [South Korea]:
Dear Joni,
You are an amazing woman
I wish you all the happiness and all the love you can get
Happy birthday!

glodiolas [South Korea]:
Dear Joni,
You are an amazing woman
I wish you all the happiness and all the love you can get
Happy birthday!

shaley8160 [United States]:
Greetings, Joni, and I hope you have a totally swell birthday. Thank you for all the music and paintings, and for just being you. When my hubby and I go on road trips, we take the book of your song lyrics with us and I read them to him as we listen. He's still trying to understand the Court & Spark album! My best to you, and may you be blessed with many many more years in which to play. -Sue Haley, Lawrence, KS
mysamba [United States]:
Happiest of birthday Joni. You look fabulous!!!!
neverumind [United States]:
Happy Birthday. Hope this year is better for us both.
GeriKendall [United States]:
Hi Joni! Your beautiful spirit has touched my life in so many ways. I just LOVE YOU! My birthday is in two days, November 9th. And I know you know Neil Young's birthday is November 12th. Have a wonderful birthday, Joni. Thank you for all of the music and paintings and dreams you let live.
dodgerdawg [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Joni. Thanks for enriching my life. I've been a devotee of your incomparable music since hearing you at a concert at the Greek theatre when you opened for Crosby, Still, and Nash. That was my freshman year at Pepperdine.

dan J
chrisjx [United States]:
Here I am, a guess at most, wishing Joni a happy birthday...

"guesses based on what each set of time and change is touching..."

I am paraphrasing from a song called Sweet Bird where Joni seems to describe the human condition of trying to understand what it is we actually experience. Some of these ideas are being described in an ongoing PBS/Nova series titled The Fabric of the Cosmos. If you're interested check it out.

The first episode explores Space, as in the space between us and everything else. The second episode will explore The Illusion of Time. The upshot seems to be that Space and Time are an illusion; it's all happening here and now; we just experience it as 3D space and in linear time.

I hope you get to see it, Joni.

sifergan [United States]:
Dear Joni,
I hope you have the happiest of birthdays. You have been an inspiration to me for almost 40 years. Your music and lyrics have always touched me deeply. You are the most talented artist of my generation. A while back I started sharing your gifts with my daughters, and they now also have a deep appreciation of you. You are remarkable and special. With love, admiration and peace.

Susan Ifergan
Layla97 [United States]:
Thank you for helping to define a generation. A true renaissance woman with so many talents one loses track....
Happiest birthday to an amazing woman!

RBruce [United States]:
Happy Birthday, Joni, you musical, lyrical, artistic deity! (and you have the same birthday as my wife of 21 years... she is also a deity, but different).
Much love,
R. Bruce
2sitonmyjm [United States]:

Dear Joni Mitchell,

Happy Birthday to THE MOST wonderful singer, songwriter,painter in this WORLD.
You always amaze me ! Thank you for being you ! Thank you Thank you !
Oh did I say Thank-you ? Grats !

tylersnan [United States]:
Thank you for all your wonderful music and presence. Happy Birthday!
ackirwan [United States]:
Happy birthday! You continue to artistically inspire me!!!
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