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Long Beach Press-Telegram
November 28, 1970

Q: On Channel 13 October 18, there was a special with John Hartford, Joni Mitchell and Pete Seeger. Joni Mitchell composed the song Both Sides Now and on this special, Seeger sang a new verse to it which he composed. It began, Daughter, daughter. I would appreciate it if you would help me find the words to this verse. -K. K., Wilmington

A. Seeger wrote three new verses especially for Miss Mitchell. We got the words from a spokesman representing her Los Angeles manager. They are:

Daughter, daughter, don't you know,
you're not the first to feel just so?
But let me say before I go,
it's worth it anyway.

Someday we may all be surprised.
We'll wake and open up our eyes
and then we will realize
the whole world feels this way.

We've all been living upside down
and turned around with love unfound
until we turn and face the sun.
Yes, all of us, everyone.

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