by Mick Brown
April 15, 1983

Gil Scott-Heron:

America's most astringent and literate performer with a mixture of jazz, soul and unerringly targetted polemic. Commonwealth Institute, Kensington, today and Saturday; Sheffield Top Rank on Sunday.

Joni Mitchell: The return to Britain after nine years of the first lady of confessional song writing, rediscovering her strong melodic instincts after dalliances with the abstractions of jazz. Dublin R.D.F. on Saturday; Edinburgh Playhouse Tuesday and Wednesday prior to her Wembley dates next weekend.

Jerry Lee Lewis: the Killer returns, fully recuperated from the illness that almost killed him, spirit unbowed - so too, presumably, his determination to play tears-in-your-beer country songs for an audience that keep screaming for the rock and roll classics. Hammersmith Odeon on Saturday.

"Wavebands" Rock Week at the ICA, the Mall London, programmed and presented by a variety of local radio DJs. Modernist jive and swing band Roman Holiday and the highly rated Republic appear on Tuesday. Chanteuse Carmel and the slight but intriguing trio the Marine Girls on Wednesday. And Thursday is a reggae night with Arema and the exuberant and likeable toasting duo Laurel and Hardy.

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