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May 3, 1968

When it comes to giving laurels to the poets among our contemporary songwriters, the female of the species is often passed by. The reason is because there are so few ladies around whose lyrics are poetic.

Now JONI MITCHELL on her first Reprise album should set the record straight. This talented young lady certainly knows how to use words as anyone who has heard her Circle Game and Urge For Going already knows.

The album is divided into two parts. Side one bears the title I Came To The City, and side two is Out Of The City And Down To The Seaside. The themes of the individual songs on each side are set by the titles which makes for a fascinating continuity in the album.

Joni's songs are very personal and autobiographical, which make them even more moving. Her voice set just against a simple acoustic backing has an airy quality.

The meaning of the songs isn't lost in a flash of words as it is with so many other of our contemporary songwriters either. Joni puts words together that not only sound good but are meaningful. She doesn't tease us with phrases that first seem to say something, but don't sand up under further analysis.

Joni and David Crosby, who produced this album, certainly have much to be proud of. Although a few people have been aware of Joni Mitchell's talent, let us hope that now she will get the recognition she deserves.

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