It Happened Last Night

by Earl Wilson
Dallas Morning News
June 26, 1968

Reno, Nev. - A couple of three things stood out as I reclined on a dusty mountain side with "Ben Cartwright" and his son "Hoss" of "Bonanza"... who were trying not to look rich.

Lorne Greene and Dan Blocker'll strike gold again, not in TV this time. But in tourism in a new Ponderosa Ranch over at Incline Village which might bring in a million visitors a year to buy the jams and jellies and the other souvenirs - and get a squint at Ben and Hoss.

"It's our 10th season we're starting in 'Bonanza'", Lorne Greene said. "I remember the first year when I woke up worrying that the show'd be canceled."

"The 10th year you wake up hoping it will be canceled," Dan Blocker said.

It was 1959 when they started. The year Marilyn Monroe got interested in Yves Montand, the year of the TV quiz scandals; "Mr. K" (Krushchev) was here, Eisenhower was President, Eddie Fisher & Liz Taylor were celebrating a year of heavenly bliss.

Still going, now an institution.


Pearl Bailey (out of "Hello, Dolly!" the other night with a virus) resented the rumors that she was trying to break her contract with David Merrick. She says the truth is that she has just made a new contract until January 1970, with salary raise, and couldn't have been more eager to get out of Mt. Sinai Hospital where she's been repeatedly this year for strengthening. "She'd have been on stage except she was fed intravenously," said her mgr. Stan Irwin.

Wendy Barrie, the radiocaster, likes to tell that when she was a teen-ager in London her mummy wanted her to marry a certain suitor but she said, "Him, he's too skinny!" The skinny one was Howard Hughes.

Sheila MacRae'll star at the Latin 1/4 for a week, starting July 10... Robert Mitchum put some of his "Anzio" loot into 26 quarter-horses, and says, "Supporting them is like keeping 46 daughters at Vassar." ... Hugh Downs'll know this week if his aching back requires surgery... Composer Jimmy Webb ("Up, Up & Away") sent 40 roses to singer Joni Mitchell at the Bitter End.

Bobby Goldsboro heard of an auto manufacturer who recalled his 4-door models - they were all on the same side of the car.

A spinster is a gal who always answers the phone on the first ring.

"The fool ages. The wise man matures."

The most difficult thing for people to say in 25 words or less is "good-bye". - Tony Pettito.

Joan Rivers recalls the first fight she had with her husband: "It was about the one-night-out-with-the-boys business. He insisted that I give it up."

That's earl, brother.

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