Joni Mitchell relives yearly tour on album

by Kate Jewett
Pendulum (Elon College NC)
November 20, 1980

For Joni Mitchell fans who missed seeing her when she was on tour last year, Shadows and Light can help fill the void. This double album, recorded live at the Santa Barbara County Bowl in September '79, shows the versatility of the multi-talented Mitchell.

Shadows and Light differs greatly from Mitchell's other live LP, Miles of Aisles (released in 1974). Through the influence of the late Charles Mingus, Joni has become jazzier.

With an impressive band made up of Michael Brecker, Jaco Pastorius, Pat Metheny, Don Alias, and Lyle Mays, Mitchell performs songs from her past albums as well as some new ones.

The classics - "Free Man in Paris," Coyote," and "Woodstock" are present along with a bongo solo by Alias which moves into "Dreamland."

On side three of the album, the Persuasions (who played backup on the tour) join Mitchell in singing a rockin' and rollin' "Why Do Fools Fall In Love?" They also add their acappella [sic] sound to the title cut "Shadows and Light," and the crowd joins in on "God Must Be A Boogie Man."

Shadows and Light is a great album. Joni Mitchell is lively, new, nice and jazzy. And those fans who did see her on tour will love reliving the concert.

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