Looking back at ’72…records to remember

by Mike Harper
Michigan Daily
January 9, 1973

FOLK/FOLK - ROCK ALBUM OF THE YEAR: For the Roses by Joni Mitchell (Asylum SD 5057). Roberta Joan Anderson Mitchell's flowingly lyrical change from 'lady' to woman.' The album is piano-dominated and rightfully so, thriving in simple, direct movements. Deeply personal and at times self-denyingly severe, this album lacks the innocence of, say, Ladies of the Canyon but what it gains in womanly heart and wisdom is unmistakably greater: sincere but moreover real, For the Roses is emotionally fulfilling in the best sense of the word. Honorable Mention: Below the Salt (Steeleye Span, Chrysalis); Gather Me (Melanie, Neighborhood) and Saint Dominic's Preview (Van Morrison, WB).

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