Special Concert Staged At State School Here

Gatesville Messenger
May 17, 1976

Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Thunder Review and friends staged a special concert at the Gatesville State School Saturday.

The musicians' free performance was held especially for Gatesville's 350 students, and youths from the Brownwood State School and Waco State Home. The outdoor show lasted more than two hours and featured appearances by Dylan, Baez, Joni Mitchell, Kinky Friedman and Roger McGuinn.

Rolling Thunder's state school appearance was arranged by the Jail Arts and Education Project of the University YMCA in Austin and the Austin Sun newspaper. Ty Herring, volunteer coordinator at Gatesville, directed the school's preparation for the show.

The Review had remained in Austin following a performance there last Wednesday, and the Gatesville stop came as the musicians were en route to their next show in Fort Worth.

"Calvin Crenshaw, the Gatesville superintendent, and I are extremely grateful to the Rolling Thunder Review for doing this for these kids," said Ron Jackson, executive director of the Texas Youth Council. "Our thanks also to the Jail Arts Project, the Austin Sun and Ty Herring for arranging the performance. This is a special day for these kids."

Richard Halpin, co-director of the Jail Arts and Education Project commented, "Performers like these help build a positive self image for these kids. Receiving the attention of artists such as these, and participating in arts workshops and followup programs can help these young people discover and cultivate their own talents."

Through its Student Tutorial in the Arts (START) program, the Jail Arts group also has arranged workshops and performances for students at the Giddings State School.

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