Contemporary Artists show Rugs at McNay

by Eve Lynn Sawyer
San Antonio Express-News
August 11, 1976

Friends of the McNay turned out for the wine and cheese party opening of an exhibition of hand-woven Mexican rugs with designs done by Contemporary American Artists. The show will run for the next month in the McNay Museum.

Among the artists on hand for the reception was watercolorist Joni Mitchell, who is more widely known for the folk songs she sings and writes. A Time Magazine cover girl, Joni packed Municipal Auditorium for a concert less than a year ago.

The painting she did as a basis for her wool rug was "The Highway and the Coyote and the Crow." For the party, Joni was wearing blue homespun slacks and a tunic.

Another of the artists present whose works were shown was San Antonio's Peter Gill. His rug painting was of chickens, but he said he had not named it.

Peter was host for an after-party for the Everlasting Productions co-founders Barney Holland and Lionel Bevan of Fort Worth and all of the artists in town for the opening.

Among those admiring the rugs, which were woven by the weavers of Teotitlan del Valle under the direction of Jerminio Martinez, were Mrs. Hertzel Finesilver, and her daughter, Lynn Finesilver Crystal of New York City.

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