The New Penelope Later
February 1968

She's not only beautiful, she's worth listening to. A wide-eyed girl with long soft blond hair and a magical voice, Joni Mitchell made a hit with her first Toronto appearance at the Riverboat last fall. (You might have seen her on The Way It Is). She writes her own songs, the best known being Urge For Going, and she's been highly praised by critics everywhere. Paul Kennis said in the Toronto Telegram "She does lyrically what Donovan, for one, never really succeeds in doing - building idealistic, almost childlike spaces and making them aesthetically profound." Her songs are about events, relationships, kids, religion, life, not all at the same time. She doesn't need a kaleidoscope to see beauty. Joni will be at the Penelope for the week of March 25 to 30.

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