The World of Music

by Judy Hugg
Copley News Service
April 11, 1973

Joni Mitchell is a veritable jewel in the field of contemporary recorded music, consistently making graceful and expressive statements with every aesthetic undertaking. And her newest album is a perfect example of this.

"For The Roses," her first album for Asylum Records, marks another stage of positive growth in her music while standing on its own as a completely cohesive and crystal-clear work of art.

Miss Mitchell's stance has matured - the songs are a fluid interaction of melodies, rhythm and words that find each other with unerring precision. The years of experience behind her have enabled her to write songs with the basic structures being freer, yet the creative vision in each cut is much more focused than in earlier attempts.

She sings, plays a multitude of instruments, and creates her own eerily beautiful backing harmonies. The stunning album packaging which includes some original art by Joni, is merely a further reflection of the talents possessed by Miss Mitchell.

"Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire," the title song "For The Roses," "See You Sometime," and "Woman of Heart and Mind," are just a few of the super cuts on the album, which is a must for record collectors.

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