Known recordings of  'Black Crow'

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   Aafje van Summeren Trio   2005
   Agnes Heginger & Georg Breinschmid   2005
   Big Yellow Taxi   2002
   Big Yellow Taxi   2002
   Black Crow   2010
  Audio from artist website
   Chaudry, Aneesa   2014
   Copeland, Shemekia   2009
   David Linx And The Brussels Jazz Orchestra   2007
   Dinc, Ipek  
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Duo   2009
   Garrin Benfield Band   2005
  Live recording; downloaded from website
   Groenenberg, Saskia   2007
   Grzegorz Karnas Band    2011
   Guthorn, Katie   2011
   Hege Nielsen Kvartett  
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Henning Olsen Band   2004
   Hodgkin, Kerry   2010
   Inga Luehning & volume   
   Irma Schultz Keller   2010
  Translated to Swedish as "Svart kråka"
   Jenson, Mary  
   Johnson, Molly   1992
   Krall, Diana   2004
   Krall, Diana   2004
   Lahm, David   2001
   Lemoine, Stephanie  
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Lydia Van Dam Group   1999
   Montellanico, Ada   2011
   Moore, Kate   2013
   Norbert Gottschalk & Frank Haunschild   2009
   Ogre   2012
   Paspala, Elly   1995
  Taken from a YouTube video of a 1995 TV broadcast
   Puglia, Lara   2014
   Raven   2014
   Robin Adler & Mutts of the Planet   2014
   Sullivan, Christine   2010
   Swearingen, Inga    2005
   Taylor, Will    2001
   The Bryan Thomas Band   2002
   Theissmann, Lothar   2003
   Thomas, Bryan   1997
   Thompson, Richard   2000
   Tracy and the Bando'Coots    2014
   Trio Bert Lochs & Lydia van Dam    2010
  Live recording from a concert in Boxmeer. Filmed and edited by Juul Thielen, sound engineer: Guido Nieuwdorp, mix: Bert Lochs. Translated to Dutch as "Het Kraaienlied".
   Tuba   2015
   Wilson, Cassandra   1993
   Wilson, Julie   2014
   Witten, Jey