Known recordings of  'Court And Spark'

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   Bond, Justin Vivian   2011
   Carpenter, Jeff  
  Audio from Artist website
   Carroll, Will   2006
  Download from website
   Conway, Deborah   2014
   Duthie, Bremner   2009
   Elmhurst College Jazz Band   2009
   Frank, Adam  
  Vocal by Bethany Joy - audio from Artist website
   Gaffers   1997
   Haesen, Charlotte  
  Audio from artist website
   Haines, Nathan   2009
   Hancock, Herbie   2007
  featuring Norah Jones  Lead vocal
   Joy, Bethany  
   Lerner, Ellen   2008
   Robin Adler & Mutts of the Planet   2011
   Sheik, Duncan   2006
   Sheik, Duncan   2002
   Skinner, Lynn   2012
   Soul Pattern Project    2014
   Stern, Leni   1993
   Sutton, Tierney    2013
   Wooster, Lisa   1993
  2-Track Demo cassette tape