Known recordings of  'Help Me'

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   Allyson, Karrin   2004
   Anna Maria Sturm Quintett   2014
   Anntones   2005
   Anschell, Bill   
  Unreleased from around 2003 - Hilary Gardner on vocals.
   Arizaga, Anthony    1999
   Ashbrook, Daphne   2014
   Becca Stevens Band   2011
  Bonus track, from I-Tunes
   Big Yellow Taxi   2002
   Big Yellow Taxi   2012
   Birdsall, Megan   2005
   Blowzone   2007
   Brown, Divine    2005
   Darol Anger and The American Fiddle Ensemble   2004
   Deeme Katson, Grace Griffith, Carey Creed, & Margot Macdonald   2009
  CD release of live concert, August 14, 2008 at The Music Center at Strathmore
   Emma Frank and Jean Sebastian Duo   2013
   English Girls   2000
   Esp Vocal Trio   2014
   Frewer, Terry   1974
  Also featuring Cal Cavendish, Jim et Bertrand, and T.R. Guitar
   Georgetown   2010
   Graham Blvd   2008
   Guv'ner   1999
   Hall, Jane   1989
   Harris, Gina   2010
   Henning Olsen Band   2004
   Jodi Proznick Quartet   2006
   John Hart Trio   2006
   Joy, Gwendolyn    2005
   Judd, Wynonna   2000
   Judd, Wynonna   2005
  Recorded in early 2005 at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, Tennessee
   Koch, Becky   1978
   Konkova, Olga   2009
   Kramer, Nicole   2005
   Kuhn, Judy   2013
   Kymaera   2001
   Lang, k.d.   2007
   Lang, k.d.   2000
   Ledon, Deborah    2014
   Mackenzie, Ginger   2000
   Martone, Fabiana   2009
   McPhee, Katharine   2010
  Available on I-Tunes as a bonus track
   Moore, Mandy   2003
   Nuance Live Group   2012
  From Israel; The singer is Moran Cohen Talmor and the guitarist is Rami Yosifuv
   O'Brien, Trisha   2010
   Puglia, Lara   2014
   Rachel Z Trio   2002
   Rae, Nygira  
   Ride, Johnny    2012
   Robin Adler & Mutts of the Planet   2010
   Robin Adler & Mutts of the Planet   2011
   Shirey, DaNica   2014
  Performance from "The Voice"
   Sjoerdsma, Margriet    2006
   Skinner, Lynn   2002
   Stoltz, Brian (with Kevin Aucoin & Sam Price)   2002
   Sybersound   2000
   Thacker, Deborah  
   The Practicers   2000
   Wibi   2006
  Acapella from York University
   You Sing The Hits  
   Young, Will   2009
  Live tracks recorded at London's Cadogan Hall - thanks to Sgt. Rock for this one.