Known recordings of  'I Had A King'

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  Harpist Cindy Horstman and bassist Michael Medina
   Alberstein, Chava   
  Unreleased recording; translated and sung in Hebrew
   Alony, Efrat    2012
   Barbeau, Adrienne   1998
   Big Yellow Taxi   2002
   Buckley, Betty   2000
  Recorded as a medley, "If I Remember You Right/I Had A King"
   Elliot, Cass   1968
  From Andy Williams television special Apr 28, 1968
   Faulkner, Lisa   2004
   Hancock, Herbie   2007
   Hedin, Gunilla  
  Audio from Artist's MySpacepage site
   Henning Olsen Band   2004
   Irma Schultz Keller   2010
  Translated to Swedish as "Jag hade en kung"
   Kräutler, Simon    2014
   Martin, Gail   1968
   Mills, Josie   2008
  Audio taken from YouTube video.- with Tim Stone on Guitar.
   Omilian, Nina    2014
   Otero, Florencia   2012
   Pallemaerts, Dre   2007
   Porteus, Barbara   2009
   Puglia, Lara   2014
   Redman, Joshua   1998
   Renzo Jazz  
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Rommerts, Marjolijne   1971
  Recorded in Dutch as "Met een koning".
   Santing, Mathilde   1996
   The G-Stringers   1969
   Tilmann Höhn, Annette Marquard, & Kate Nelson   2010
   Turid   1973
   Under The Sky  
  From their website
   Urban, Robert   2013
   Werner, Kenny   2012
   Wundrock, Tracy   2013