Known recordings of  'Rainy Night House'

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   Antonioli, Laurie   2014
   Avalanche Quartet   2013
   Barnett, LaShonda Katrice  
   Boardman, Pat  
   Carlson, Erik   2001
   Clarke, Cam    1999
   Colonna, Wendy  
   Copland, Marc   2005
   Copland, Marc   2010
  A new recording - 5:14
   Copland, Marc   2010
  A new recording - 9:22 in length
   Copland, Marc & Tim Hagans   2000
   Deste, Marcel  
   Duggins, Terry   2007
  Nominated best classical CD by the Hawaii Music Foundation 2007
   Fox, Lauren   2013
   Fretwell, Stephen   2005
  B-Side of 7" 45-single "Emily" (White Vinyl)
   Giulia Firpo 4tet   2011
   Granelli, Jerry   2001
   Higbie, Barbara    2000
   Hilton, Lisa   2012
   Holm, Ron & Ann   1972
   Iris Koch - Werner Tharandt   1980
  Recorded 1978-1980 live at various places in Nurnberg
   Irma Schultz Keller   2010
  Translated to Swedish as "En regnig natt"
   Jasmine, Chad  
   Kreitzer, Elizabeth    2011
   Leora Cashe & The Ross Taggart Trio    2007
   Light, Alysson  
   McCarron Brothers   2012
   Montes, Marguerite   2010
  Audio from a Youtube video; performed live at the Bellingen Gelato Bar, Bellingen Jazz Festival 2008. Marguerite Montes Vocals and Louise Gore Piano.
   Nereide   2010
   Robin Adler & Mutts of the Planet   2010
   Verney, Frannie & The Big Idea