Known recordings of  'That Song About The Midway'

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   Annie & the Hedonists   2005
   Birdsall, Megan   2005
   Carow, Anna   2012
   Collins, Judy   2004
  From "Mountain Stage", Show date 11Oct2004, Broadcast 12Nov2004
   Collins, Judy   2005
   Dee, Paula   1979
   Fedorczyk, Rob   2014
   Jazz Folk   2009
   Noland, Rick   2007
   Raitt, Bonnie   1974
   Raitt, Bonnie   1988
   Reynolds, Mary Catherine   2003
   The Rubes   2005
  Released as "Song For The Midway"
   The Steve Klink Trio   2002
   Van Ronk, Dave   1976
   Wundrock, Tracy   2013