Known recordings of  'The Circle Game'

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   Akira Ishikawa & His Group    1971
   Alexander, Maureen   2009
   Amos, Tori   2008
  Initially released as part of her Original Bootlegs 12 CD box set, this live show was recorded during Tori's 2005 tour in support of her album The Beekeeper.
   Anders, Susan   2004
   Au, Albert   2001
   Avi, Zee   2014
   Baccini, Sophya   2009
   Belafonte, Harry   1971
   Bermuda Triangle   2007
   Biddle, Laura   1998
   Big Yellow Taxi   2008
   Bill & Susan Weiske   1999
   Bow-Ty   2013
   Brandes, Jeanie    2006
   Briarose   2000
   Bridgette and Friends   2005
   Broken Ashes  
   Burkin, Reg  
  Recorded live at the Kings Head, Napton on the Hill, Warwickshire. His name is spelled "Birkin" as well.
   Callaghan, George   
   Camp Tawonga  
   Camp Walt Whitman   1995
   Cao Zhengqing; Huang Zhong; Jin Hao; Sun Wenjun; Zhou Wenting   2004
   Caputo, Valeria  
  Audio from artist website
   Cardwell, Roger   1970
   Carlin, Ruth   2012
   Carlisle, Liz   2007
   Carr, Charlie   1979
   Chan, Agnes   1971
   Chao, Rita   1972
  Sung in Mandarin
   Chapman, Steven Curtis   2005
   Charlie & The Boys  
   Cherry Boys  
  Made in Hong Kong
   Clark, Erana   1973
   Close Enough   2001
   Colby, David  
   Cole, Ted with Camp Walden   1999
   Coles, Susie  
   Constantine, Rob  
  B-side of 45 RPM record "Pack Up Your Sorrows".
   Corbalis, Julie    2013
   Cornelia   1968
   Cox, Billy   2008
   Cox, Doug    1996
   Cox, Jerry   2008
   Davenport, Mark   2009
   Davies, Julian   2003
   Dennis O'Neil and Davey Armstrong  
   Des & Dawn Lindberg   1971
  South Africa
   Dohters   1970
   Duncan, Zelia   1997
   Dworsky, Richard   1992
   Ebersole, Christine   1997
   Eishu   2004
   Elaine and Mike   2009
   Elektra Women's Choir    2014
  featuring Stephanie Ching & Kate MacColl
   Ely, Rick    1971
   Ensemble Petit & Screen Land Orchestra  
   Falk, Neca   2000
  Recorded in Slovenian as Življenja Krog, translated By – Dušan Velkavrh
   Family Four   1972
   Fedele, Lois   2014
   Felix, Kirk   1972
   Fleisher, Julian  
  Live recording from "Wall To Wall Joni Mitchell" concert at Symphony Space, NYC.
   Flynn, Richard   2005
  Live performance
   Foiled Again   2009
   Folkal Point   1972
   Frank, Nyle   1996
   Gary Shum and Carl Occhipinti  
   Gazarek, Sara    2005
   Gifford, Kathie Lee   2000
  A medley with "Born For You".
   Glenshire Elementary Singing Eagles 2003/04  
   Greer, Patty  
   Griffin, Donna   2000
   Grimes, Laura   2014
   Gurewitsch, Kathryn   2012
   Hall, Bill   2006
   Hamilton IV, George    1968
   Hamilton, Ken  
   Harmon, Jim   2004
   Haynes & Perry   2001
   Heckler, Bob   2011
   Hegarty, Dermot   1968
   Ho, Lillian   1999
   i Teos   2010
   Ian & Sylvia   1967
   Irwin Ross & His Orchestra   1970
  Self Pressing Indie Album - a medley that also features Tom Rush's song "Rockport Sunday"
   Jakubowicz, Martyna   2013
  Polish Translation: Kółko graniaste
   James, Robin   2005
  A medley with "Where Have All The Flowers Gone" and "Where Are You Going?"
   Janet & Kaori Kiana Ohuchi   2004
   Jansen, Susan   2002
   Jimmy Takeuchi And His Exciters   1971
   Julian   1972
  Private Pressing
   Kelly, Bev   2010
  Previously unreleased material from sessions done in London in the early 70s
   Kipyn Martin & Allison Shapira   2015
   Koloc, Bonnie   2010
  New release of a 1969 concert.
   Kosuke Onozaki & Rainbow Grand Orchestra  
  A demonstration album from Japan.
   La Jeunesse Northumberland Youth Choir   2000
   Lacey, John   2005
   Lâm Chí Mỹ  
   Lam, Samantha   2009
   Laurel & Jan   1998
  Janette Keefe and Laurel Hester Walker
   Leora Cashe & The Ross Taggart Trio    2007
   London Pro Musica Choir   2008
   Longley, Liz   2007
   Lundeen, Tricia  
   Mancini, Henry   1991
  Four different recordings; used as Main Title, End Title, Alternate Main Title and a Vocal track.
   Marshak, Judy   2010
   Maurice Laurent Et Son Grand Orchestre  
   Maze, Linda  
   Mazzei, Jean    2005
   McCann, Terry & Mary Robbins   1975
   McCulloch, Ian   1989
   McGovern, Maureen   2008
   McHenry, Janice   1973
   Mei Ling, Chan  
   Meja   2004
   Michel Clement Orchestra  
   Miek & Roel    1970
  Recorded in Dutch as "De Cirkel"
   Milan y Bibiloni   1977
   Milne, Andy   2007
   Mitchell, Chuck   1977
   Molaskey, Jessica   2007
  Done as a medley with "Waters Of March" (Antonio Jobim)
   Morley, Bob   1974
   Mosci, Robert   2010
   Mulligan, Carol   2012
   Nah Youn Sun   2008
  Recorded by 2001-2002 alumni from Camp Nawaka
   Nelson, Kinloch  
  A medley with "Cast Your Fate To The Wind"
   Nishida, Hikaru    2007
  Audio from a YouTube video
   North of South  
   Nyman, Emily    2005
   O'Gara, Cathy    2013
   Olma, Karin   2008
   Ottaviano, Roberto   2015
   Pack, Jackie   1996
   Parton, Dolly  
  A bootleg CD compilation consisting of recordings from Dolly's television shows.
   Pat Surface and the Boundary Water Boys   2009
   Penny Davies & Roger Ilott   2009
   Penny Lim & The Silverstones  
   Rachel Z Trio   2002
   Radtke, Bruce    2005
   Riccards, Abigail    2013
   Rich And Nona  
   Robertson, Mae    1997
   Rod McCormack & Mick Albeck   1996
   Roger & Susanne  
  Download from Website
   Rolie Polie Guacamole    2012
   Ross, Ricky   2005
  Live recording; download from website
   Roth, Kevin  
   Runaway Express   2006
  In a medley with "I Wish I Could've Been There" (John Denver) and "Chimes Of Freedom" (Bob Dylan)
   Rush, Tom   1968
   Rush, Tom   2008
  Alternate Take
   Sachiko   2005
   Sainte-Marie, Buffy   1967
   Sanne   1994
  Recorded in Dutch as "Met De Molen Mee"
   Sawyn, George   2001
   Sayvetz, Wendy   2001
   Schinkel, Gerd  
   Schmitt, Michelle   2011
   Simmons, Christian   2013
  Also released under the name "Jerry Cox" and "Bill Drowning"
   Simpson, Kathy   2014
   Smith, Sara   1974
   Stanbury, Michael & The Jubilee Singers  
   Steinberg, Bernie & Tina Malia  
   Steiner, Johnny    2015
   Stephanie Schneiderman, Lisa Schneiderman, and Kim Palumbis   2007
  In a medley with "Happiness Runs" (Donovan Leitch)
   Steve & Deb   2008
   Stu and the Gurus   2015
   Sunday's Problem   1972
   Suzanne M. Sheridan & And the Suzanne Sheridan Band   2012
   Sweeney, J. Shawn   2001
   Sweet Honey In The Rock   2000
   Take Five   1970
  North Central College; Naperville, Illinois
   The Accidentals   1969
  Hollins College 1969; Cincinnati, Ohio
   The Black Diamond Folk Group    1969
   The Cleaning Lady   1999
   The Family Folk Chorale   2008
   The Film Studio Orchestra  
   The G-Stringers   1969
   The Harvard-Radcliffe Callbacks   1994
   The Ian Campbell Group   1968
   The Little Folk   1971
   The Ohio Singers   1996
   The Palmer Girls  
   The Pennine Folk   1971
   The Redbird Duo   2013
   The Timoneers   1976
   The Travellers   1969
   The Woodstock Singers   1967
   The Yale Spizzwinks   1971
   Theiss & O'Connor  
   Theresa Thomason & Paul Sullivan   2012
   Thomasina   2003
   Tilgner, Cinda    2005
   Tilmann Höhn, Annette Marquard, & Kate Nelson   2010
   Tojyo, Jiro   2003
   Tokyo's Coolest Combo   1992
   Townsend, John   1973
   Traarbach, Jolanda   1999
   Two 4 You   
   Vocal Line   2010
   Volker Niehusmann & Christiane Weber   1997
   Weber, Marge   2013
   Wicked Sisters    2011
   Wilhite, Shawn   2009
   Wilson, Anthony    2011
  Also featuring Steve Cardenas, Julian Lage, Chico Pinheiro
   Wintermute, Lane   2005
  Download from Soundclick website
   Wychfolk   1975
   Yamamoto, Seiichi    2013
   Yanofsky, Nikki    2010
   YMCA Camp Takodah   1999
   You and Caryl and Me   
  Augusta College - Disk Jorgensen, Caryl Nasby, Peter Anthony, and Jon Lindekugel
   Zhimei, Lin    2011
  Sung in Chinese (Cantonese)
   Zilbersmith, Carla   2009
   Zuiderveld, Elly & Rikkert   1988
  Recorded in Dutch as "Tot De Cirkel Sluit"