Known recordings of  'This Flight Tonight'

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   A Bird That Whistles   1996
   Adam Theis (Jazz Mafia) featuring Aima the Dreamer & Erica Dee   2012
   Allison Scola and Anna Dagmar   2012
   Anne SeeYou   2006
   Antonioli, Laurie   2014
   Blind Guardian  
   Bros Rock Crew  
   Burning Vision  
   Chisholm, Shane    2011
   Craig, Sara   1992
   Craig, Sara   1993
   Diamond Head   1994
   Doogie White   2001
   E-Clypse   2000
   Farkasember, Jay  
   Go Four 3   1986
   Grimmett, Steve    2011
   Heaven's Gate   1989
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   Iron Savior   1997
   Jengis   2013
   Last, James   1974
   Little Emporer   2001
  Recorded in 2001 but unreleased due to the events of 9/11. In the Artists' words: "Howie D of Music for Industry and Lilac Panthers put a little Burning Man treatment into Little Emperors life and put a new twist on the Joni Mitchel classic "This Flight Tonight". It was due for release late September 2001, but alas world events put pay to a tune featuring lyrics "skies a burning, stars a falling, I wish I'd never got on this flight tonight.."
   Mackin, Kirstie  
  Audio from Artist's MySpace site
   Maggie Hollinbeck & Graham Sobelman   2014
   Mama's Boys   1991
   Margot Macdonald & John Jennings With One Horse Town   2009
  CD release of live concert, August 14, 2008 at The Music Center at Strathmore
   Mastaman   1995
   Naked   2005
  Dowload from Website
   Nazareth   1973
   Nazareth   1994
  Unplugged version -bonus track
   Nazareth   1992
   Nazareth   1973
   Nazareth   1997
   Phantoms of Future   1995
   Pura Fe   2009
   Robin Adler & Mutts of the Planet   2011
   Rumba Club   2001
   Sandbloom, Kevin   2011
   Shaw, Ian   1995
   The Practicers   2000
   While, Chris   2010
   Widow   1985
  Audio from artist website
   Zimmer's Hole