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Face Lift

Guitar chords transcribed by Sue McNamara
Tuning: CGDECE   "Joni" Tuning: C77284

Tune to: C G D E C E (C77284)


|****|12   |||*|| 8    ****** 7   |****|12
||||||     ***|||      ||||||     ||||||

******* 7         ****** 5
|||||||           ||||||
I went so numb on Christmas Day
I couldn't feel my hands or feet

******* 7         
I shouldn't have come
****** 5
She made me pay
For gleaming with Donald down her street
|||*||8                 |||*||1
***|||                  ***|||
She put shame on him and blame on me
|****|12                ****||5
||||||                  ||||||
She made it all seem so tawdry and cheap

******5      ******5
||||||       |||*||
Oh, let's be nice Mama

******5      ******5
||||||       |||*||
Open up your gifts

******5                    ******7
||||||                     ||||||
You know, Happiness is the best 


|||*|| 8     ****** 7   |****|12
***|||       ||||||     ||||||

[same chords for each verse]

Well, after all, she introduced us
Oh, but she regrets that now
Shacked up downtown
Making love without a license
Same old sacred cow
She says did you come home to disgrace us?
I said why is this joy not allowed?
For God's sake, I'm middle aged, Mama
And time move's swift
You know, happiness is the best

Middle 8:

999800  999xxx   999000

222100  2220xx   2200xx

999800  999xxx   999000

222100  2220xx   2200xx

Love takes so much courage
Love takes so much shit
She says you've seen too many movies
He says snap out of it
Oh, the cold wind blew 
In our room with a view
So hopeful and helpful and candlelit
We kissed the angels 
and the moon eclipsed
You know, happiness is the best

We pushed the bed up to the window
To see the Christmas lights
On the banks near the steaming river
Beneath the bridges lit up Paris-like
This river has run through both our lives
Between the banks of our continuing delights
Oh bless us, don't let us lose the drift
You know, Happiness is the best

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