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Edith And The Kingpin

Guitar chords transcribed by Howard Wright
Tuning: CGDFBbD   "Joni" Tuning: C77354

(Same tuning pattern for "Furry Sings The Blues", "Jericho" & "Harry's House")

Chord shapes used :

(Note that, for convenience, in the chord shapes below I've labelled the strings 
as CGDFBD. The 2nd string is actually tuned to a Bb)

 055555    777777    888000     888700        555555    556555

  Cm7      G9sus4    Ab6/9-5   Abadd9add#4    F9sus4     Fm11

 777000    333000     779977     002220    002020

  Gm9     Ebmaj7sus2    G9        Cadd9    Cadd9add4

I still havn't convinced myself 100% whether she uses the F9sus4 chord
AND the Fm11 chord - they're almost identical.  In fact I think she
just uses the simpler shape (i.e F9sus4) - but if you like the variation
you can use both shapes.

I've written out the words for the first verse so you can see where the 
chord changes come. After the first verse, the rest of the song is made
up of repeats of the verse and intro sections.

Here are the main progressions :

Intro :

Abadd9add#4   Ab6/9-5    Gm9     Cadd9    
 888700       888000    777000   002220

Abadd9add#4   Ab6/9-5    Gm9  
 888700       888000    777000

The outtro uses the same three chords repeating over and over.

Verse :

Cm7                   G9sus4         Abadd9add#4 
055555                777777           888700
The big man arrives  disco dancers greet him

                        F9sus4          Abadd9add#4
                        555555            888700
Plain clothes cops greet him   small town big man, fresh lipstick glistening

Cm7            G9sus4              Abadd9add#4
055555         777777                888700
Sophomore jive from victims of typewriters 

                     F9sus4                          Cadd9   Cadd9add4
                     555555                          002220   002020
The band sounds like typewriters, the big man he's not listening

Abadd9add#4                                 G9sus4  
  888700                                    777777
His eyes hold edith his left hand holds his right

                 Ebmaj7sus2   Abadd9add#4   G9sus4    G9    G9sus4    G9 
                   333000        888700     777777  779977  777777  779977 
What does that hand desire that he grips it so tight

(... then back to the start of the verse sequence again)
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