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Just Like Me

Guitar chords transcribed by Pat Boland
Tuning: DGDGBD   "Joni" Tuning: D57543

JUST LIKE ME by: Joni Mitchell (as taught to Pat Boland)

try this in DGDGBD. it's pretty simple: ('circle game' uses most of
these chords as well) the primary chord, (0) of course, is just to
play all strings open and that acts as your 'drone'... the second
chord (1) is a C shape minus the ring finger and played/positioned
on the first fret...the third chord (3) is the same shape but on
the third fret and the refrain chord of the chorus is a straight
bar on the fifth fret and, except for walking the bass A string, 0245,
on the chorus that's all the chords, which, for tab purposes, we'll
call 0, 1, 3 & 5 respectively and 0245 for the walk.

    0                  3            1
he's so independent, he acts like he couldn't
    0             01010(hammer)
care less for us all
    0                           3
he's someone's descendent, their child,
            1        0                  01010(hammer)
though he'll never acknowledge their call
     1                         3
he's afraid to feel loved, yet I know
     1            0...1
he's afraid not to be
and he'll laugh and he'll cry, and
1                   0..     1.. 0
someday he'll die, just like me

0245-5           3..1      0         1
    just like me, he's settling a score
      0                  1                               3-1
with a world that wants a reason every time you turn around
0245-5          3..1     0             1
    just like me, he's lookin' for a door
        0             1
standing open, saying "welcome, come and lay your troubles down",
just like me

if he'd drop his defenses,
you'd see through the stone
to the heart of the man
but the moment he senses
you've seen him he'll leave you,
as fast as he can
he'll return to his shadows
where no one can look in and see
and he'll wake in the night
and cry like a child,
just like me.


well, I've seen him looking for
someone to tell him,
"you're doin' just fine."
and the songs that he sings,
they have loneliness woven
between every line
there are no strings to hold him
I guess you could call him so free
yes, he's free to be lonely
and empty and lost, just like me

repeat: just like me...
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