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I Had A King

Guitar chords transcribed by Mia Ortlieb
[Capo on fret 7]
Tuning: DADDAD   "Joni" Tuning: D75075

This guitar tuning, which really brings out the ringing tones and 
droning effects of this dark song, is known as “DOUBLE DADS” or 
“DADDAD”. The capo should be up 7 frets. Like in many of Joni’s 
songs, open strings are sometimes played between the chord changes, 
in which I have indicated in parentheses.  Additionally, the symbol
A = 10th fret, and the symbol C = 12th fret.  


Intro:   055400      (x0xxxx)  033200     (x0xxxx)

055400                           (x0xxxx) 033200  
I had a king in a tenement castle,        Lately he’s taken to painting the 

             070700                          080800
pastel walls brown,    He’s taken the curtains down,

000000 0C0000         000000      0A0000         000000       080000
He’s   swept with the broom of contempt, And the rooms have an empty 

070000   000000         0C0000         000000         0A0000
ring,              He’s cleaned with the tears   of an actor who

000000              080000    070000    070000  070000  000000
fears      for the laughter’s sting                              


055000                000055  000054 00005x 000000  
I can’t go back there any    more,         

055000                000055  000054  00005x 000000
You know my keys wont fit the door,

055000                  000055 000054 00005x 000000              
You know my thoughts don’t fit the man,

033200               (x0xxxx)  055400            (x0xxxx)
They never can,              they never can

(for ending on third chorus add:)                 
033200               (x0xxxx) 055400                       000200
They never can,             They never can  ....................

Add’l lyrics:

I had a king dressed in drip-dry and paisley
Lately he’s taken to saying I’m crazy and blind
He lives in another time
Ladies in gingham still blush
While he sings them of wars and wine
But I in my leather and lace
I can never become that kind __

I had a king in a salt-rusted carriage
Who carried me off to his country for marriage too soon
Beware of the power of moons
There’s no one to blame
No there’s no one to name as a traitor here
The king’s on the road
And the queen’s in the grove till the end of the year __

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