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Harry's House - Centerpiece

Guitar chords transcribed by Dylan Rush
[Capo on fret 3]
Tuning: EADGBE   "Joni" Tuning: E55545

I’ve managed to figure out a standard tuning version of
“Harry’s House/Centerpiece” (one of my favourite Joni songs).
I’ve borrowed some elements and chord shapes from 
Marian Russell’s CGDFBbD transcription. It sounds pretty
good, but if you have any suggestions/improvements 
(and I’m sure this thing could be improved upon)

I’d love to hear from you -


All fret positions are relative to the capo.


Intro: 002220  005550  007770  000000 002220

002220  005555  007777 000000 002220


00222x Heatwaves 00000x on the 33320x runway

00555x As the wheels set 33300x down

33300x He takes his 00777x baggage

00777x Off the 000000 carousel

00000x He takes a taxi into 03000x town


00222x Yellow schools 00000x of 33320x taxi fishes

00555x Jonah in the ticking 33300x whale

33300x Caught up at the 00777x lights

00777x In the fishnet 00000x windows

00000x Of Blooming- 03000x –dales, watching those


002220 High 005550 fa- 007770 –shion 

000000 Gir – 002220 – rls

33200x Skinny black models with 33000x raven curls

002220 Beauty parlour 005550 blondes 007770 with

000000 Credit card 002220 eyes

33200x Looking for the chic 33000x and the fancy to buy


(same chords for following verses)


He opens up his suitcase 
In the continental suite 
And people thirty stories down 
Look like colored currents in the street 
A helicopter lands on a Pan Am roof 
Like a dragonfly on a tomb 
And business men in button downs 
Press into conference rooms 
Battal Yellow checkers for the kitchen Climbing ivy for the bath 
She is lost in House and Gardens He's caught up in Chief of Staff 
He drifts off into the memory
Of the way she looked in school
With her body oiled and shining
Like a public swimming pool….
Transition to Centerpiece: 030000
….002020 The more I’m with 002220 you
002220 Pretty 002020 baby
002020 The more I feel my 002220 love
002220 In- 002020 –crease
333333 I’m 335353 building all my 333333 dreams
335353 Around 333333 you
Our 002220 happiness will 
002020 Nev- 002220 –er 002020 cease
222222 Cause 244322 nothin’s any good
244322 With- 242322 –out 244322 you
002220 Baby you’re my 005550 Cen- 002020 –ter- 
024442 –piece!
Transition to Harry’s House: 003000
002220 Shining 005550 hair 007770 and
000000 Shining 002220 skin
33200x Shining as she 33000x reeled him in
To 002220 tell him 005550 like 007770 she
000000 Did 002220 today
33200x Just what he could do with Harry’s House
33000x And Harry’s take home pay
Outro: 030000 for a while, then 002220 (upstrum). 
(That last chord’s not actually on the record but I
think it gives the song a nice finishing touch.)
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