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Court And Spark

Guitar tablature transcribed by Sam Stone
Tuning: EAEABE   "Joni" Tuning: E57525

"Court and Spark"
from the album Court and Spark, 1974
written by Joni Mitchell
guitar arrangement by Sam Stone

Tuning: EAEABE    Joni Tuning: E57525

  Notes:  This is another guitar arrangement of a Joni piano song that I've had
prepared but never got around to posting.  The tuning is EAEABE, but it may be
easier to tune to DGDGAD and put a capo on the second fret.  Many, many thanks
to Dave Blackburn and Sue Tierney McNamara for their help along the way.
  Once again, all chords are arpeggiated and modified to reflect the melody.
Unfortunately, my tabbing skills are not on par with those of other members 
so the best that I can do is provide the basic chord shapes, some performance 
notes, and the YouTube video above.  I hope it still makes sense!

023230 -> 020230 (emphasize middle notes, melody) -> x2003x (play this chord 5 times)

023230 (hammer G string) 020x30
         Love came to my door

With a sleeping roll

And a madman's soul

               x22232  x22222
He thought for sure I'd seen him

slide >3x323                   x00020
      Dancing up a river in the dark

Looking for a woman to

x33353 x33333 (hammer on and off)
  court    and 

024000 (arpeggiate)

He was playing on the sidewalk
For passing change
When something strange happened
Glory train passed through him
So he buried the coins he made
In People's Park
And went looking for a woman
To court and spark

x33333 > x33353 (hammers) 3x3230
It seemed like he read my mind

3x3230 (arp.) 555575
He saw me mistrusting him

555585>555575    555555 x00020  (follow melody)
And still        acting kind

  000022 000020 333353 333333  3x3230
He saw   how I   wor -  ried   sometimes

  3x3030 x5x020    024000
I worry  sometimes

"All the guilty people," he said
They've all seen the stain-
On their daily bread
On their christian names
I cleared myself
I sacrificed my blues
And you could complete me
I'd complete you

His eyes were the color of the sand
And the sea
And the more he talked to me
The more he reached me
But I couldn't let go of L.A.
City of the fallen angels
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