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Calgary Herald
May 1, 1964
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Oscar Brand will be among the featured performers at the Calgary Stampede this year and it's definite now that his show will include some local talent.

It's not known yet exactly who will be in the cast but I'm told some tapes are being sent to Mr. Brand so he can make the necessary selections.

I would hazard a guess that Oscar may be pleasantly surprised. His business is folk music and we have a lot of good folk musicians in these parts.

Some for instances:

Hazel Proctor, The Phabulous Pharomen, Joni Anderson and Donna Simpson are holding forth at the Folk and Blues Club here this evening.

The cast at the Depression tonight and Saturday includes Kaaren Soby, who sings in four languages, and the Kopala Trio, which, oddly enough, is a four-man trio.

And the world's best pianist, Shirley Corrigall, is holding forth at the Musicians and Actors Club (playing the organ, as it happens, rather than the piano).

Not all of these are folk artists but all of them could probably handle folk music if asked to do so. I can recommend Joni Anderson in particular, having heard her sing, and we're informed that the Kopala Trio is the most---or whatever the expression might be.

A few years ago, folk music was an unknown quantity around here. Since then it has come on strong. Coffee houses have opened up and the local radio and television stations have sponsored some pretty rousing hootenannies.

Oscar Brand shouldn't have any trouble finding the talent if he wants to look for it.

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