Joni Mitchell joins Sask. centennial party

Canadian Press
April 21, 2005

REGINA -- Singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell will be returning to her home town of Saskatoon in May to take part in the Lieutenant Governor's Centennial Gala, it was announced Wednesday.

"This is a rare opportunity to pay tribute to one of Saskatchewan's and indeed, Canada's great artists," said Lt.-Gov. Lynda Haverstock.

"She has never been paid homage in the presence of her mom and dad in her community of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, by any of us, so this is really going to be very, very special."

Mitchell joined Wednesday's news conference via a pre-recorded video message.

"As my contribution to the Centennial, I've created an album called Songs of a Prairie Girl," said Mitchell. "I rounded up from my whole repertoire the songs that made references to Saskatchewan."

Asked about rumours that Mitchell is suffering from nodules on her throat, Haverstock couldn't tell reporters whether the singer would be performing at the gala.

"We're going to utilize an eclectic approach to paying tribute to her and we're hoping that she'll be engaged in some ways other than just sitting with her mom and dad."

Brent Butt, creator and star of the Saskatchewan-made television series, Corner Gas, will be the master of ceremonies for the event.

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