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Joni has unveiled a never-before-heard song “Like Veils Said Lorraine” today from the forthcoming Joni Mitchell Archives, Vol. 3: The Asylum Years (1972-1975). Mitchell wrote this song and recorded it as a demo in late 1971/early 1972 at A&M Studios in Hollywood, CA. She explains that this song was a piece of dialogue that happened with the real-estate woman who showed her properties in British Columbia. Joni Mitchell Archives, Vol. 3: The Asylum Years (1972-1975) is set for release on October 6, 2023 via Rhino. Listen here.

Come 1972, Joni’s singular songwriting talent and poetic gifts were undeniable. Fresh off the back-to-back Platinum-certified releases of 1970’s Ladies of the Canyon and 1971’s Blue — totemic albums whose artfulness and ubiquity would influence generations of songwriters — Mitchell had grown wary of mounting media scrutiny. Everything from her style choices to romantic partners became the subject of far more gossip column inches than were ever dedicated to the lifestyle minutiae of her male counterparts.

In response, she had pulled back, announcing an early retirement from the stage in 1970 and moving to the quiet expanses of British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast. It was a fruitful change of scenery. Inspired by her proximity to nature and refreshed by the peaceful seclusion, she began constructing the songs that would become For The Roses. This respite thrust Mitchell into a remarkably fertile creative period, yielding a run of albums — 1972’s For The Roses, 1974’s Court And Spark, and 1975’s The Hissing Of Summer Lawns — that would simultaneously expand and refine the scope of her music. Her adventurous, intricate arrangements and growing formidability as a bandleader injected these songs with a clarity of purpose, a potent muscularity, and a sense of possibility — it is among the most exciting eras of a near peerless career.

This era comes into even greater focus on Joni Mitchell Archives, Vol. 3: The Asylum Years (1972-1975), out October 6, 2023 on Rhino Records. It’s the latest entry in Rhino’s ongoing, GRAMMY-winning series exploring the vast untapped archives of rare Joni Mitchell recordings — a project guided intimately by Mitchell’s own vision and personal touch. Joni Mitchell Archives, Vol. 3: The Asylum Years (1972-1975) will be available both in a 5CD / digital version and a 4LP cut-down version, both with an accompanying book featuring photos and a conversation about this period between Joni Mitchell and longtime friend Cameron Crowe. More information here

Joni’s triumphant return to the stage on July 24, 2022, is released today on a new live album from Rhino, AT NEWPORT, available on CD and 2-LP black vinyl. Produced by close collaborator Brandi Carlile, along with Mitchell, the music has also been released on digital and streaming services and Dolby Atmos. A clear-vinyl version of the 2-LP set is available exclusively from Indie Retail and Barnes & Noble.

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Saturday September 23, 7:30pm, Tickets $25 online, $30 at the door ​

Kate Foley-Beining, vocals / Christian Foley-Beining, guitar / Tom Shader, bass / Tom Hayashi, drums ​

"The span of Joni Mitchell's music glows with tradition, innovation, and progression, from early Canadian folk ballads to collaborations with jazz greats, her songwriting remains always unique and of the highest literary caliber. Join us as we explore her wealth of musical offerings, infused with the jazz artistry of Tom Hayashi-Drums, Tom Shader -Bass, Christian Foley-Beining- Guitar."

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Guided by Michele Paiva, an expert in trauma and grief recovery and financial therapy, we'll understand life's complexities from both light and dark, highs and lows.

This free program is open to all seeking healing, growth, and self-discovery. The 90-minute program will be conducted online, allowing for flexible participation in the comfort of your home.

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An intimate acoustic Tribute to the music of JONI MITCHELL.

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UK singer/songwriters Zervas & Pepper present what they consider to be the nucleus of Mitchells work, that pivotal break-out period 1968-1976 with the voice, guitar and piano front and centre. An intimate acoustic evening that should feel like the audience is having a private listening session at Jonis house in Laurel Canyon during the summer of love. More information here

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