On the QT

by Jörn  Weisbrodt
June 20, 2013

Feist and Hydra made yet another surprise appearance at Jason Collett's Courtyard Review last night. I tell you, it is really the place to be. And if you hear any rumors who is playing tonight, you better believe them. 'Cause rumors seem to be truth at Luminato.

The big rumor of course was that Joni Mitchell was going to perform at the tribute concert at Massey Hall and boy did she perform. She told the author of this piece that she had not played with a band on a stage in fourteen years. It was a lovefest and several people fainted in the audience. But a ten-year-old girl stayed very calm and notated every song of the set list and their arrangements and she is planning to put a tribute concert together only with kids now.

And there was more fainting and supernatural experiences at Luminato on Wednesday. People came out of the Marina Abramovic Institute Prototype claiming they have seen auras around people; the audience at Marina's lecture insisted that she continue her long durational performance The Artist is Present and Air Canada has agreed to change her flight without a rebooking fee to the 27th of September.

A twelve-year-old girl yesterday brought her favorite doll—that her mother claimed she would never ever let out of her hands—to the VIKTOR&ROLF DOLLS and insisted it be placed on the runway among the other creations of the Dutch duo. We are just trying to get clearance from them for a temporary picture to make the doll and the girl happy. It seems V&R were so inspired by the dress the little girl made, that they are now going to create a life size version of it that will walk the runway of their next fashion show in Paris.

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