Three New Albums Reviewed - Dunbar, Joni Mitchell, The Who

by Dave Hirschberg
News Record, University of Cincinnati
May 28, 1969

"Clouds" is Joni Mitchell's second album, a second collection of special songs. Once again Joni displays her imagination and dexterity with words. Her poetry has maintained its mystic though airy feeling which her voice enhances. Songs on this album that have already been recorded as "Tin Angel" and "Both Sides Now" that have been heard and, in some cases overheard manage to take on new meaing [sic] through her own interpretations. Again, as on the first album, with the exception of the haunting "Blue Roses" (on which mandolin is used) and "The Pipe and Drum" (done a capela [sic]), Joni accompanies herself on a single guitar.

Everything works together: the innocence of her voice, the simplicity of accompaniement, the complexity of her melodies, and the vividness of her imagery. All of this is what makes Joni Mitchell so special.

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