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Joni Mitchell

Cash Box
November 2, 1968

BITTER END, N.Y. - On Wednesday evening, October 23, Joni Mitchell opened a one-week engagement at the Bitter End nitery in Manhattan's Greenwich Village. Miss Mitchell has been gaining quite a reputation here and on the West Coast for her singing and songwriting. Her first Reprise album, titled simply "Joni Mitchell," made the charts, and one of her songs, "Both Sides Now," has just hit the Top 100 via Judy Collins' Elektra single.

Joni Mitchell has a beautiful voice, she plays guitar beautifully and she writes beautiful songs. These songs, which deal with various aspects of the human condition, are at once realistic and magical. The world she depicts is not a fairyland. Rather, it is the actual world seen through a stained glass window of colorful imagery. In the best artistic tradition, she has the power to write beautifully about ugly things.

Joni Mitchell's career is undoubtedly on the rise, and a year from now, she may well be a star. Good artists do not always become stars, but Miss Mitchell, like a Bob Dylan or a Joan Baez, has a quality that is not artistic and commercial. We hope she makes it to the top.

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