When Joni Met Jimi

December 2020

During the conversations between Mitchell and Cameron Crowe that serve as liner notes for Archives [Volume 1: The Early Years (1963-1967)], talk unexpectedly turns to partying with Jimi Hendrix after a show in Ottawa in early 1968. Mitchell was in residency at Le Hibou coffee house, while Hendrix and the Experience were across town at the Capitol Theatre. Hendrix's diary entry of March 19 reads: "Talked with Joni Mitchell on the phone. . . . I think I'll record her tonight with my excellent tape recorder. . . . Went down to the little club to see Joni. Fantastic girl with heaven words." Crowe takes up the story: "Hendrix was in the front row of this club, taping her on a reel-to-reel [recorder], apparently with stereo mics, and then the tape got stolen two nights later and the reel-to-reel machine, too. So somewhere in the world, if it's not destroyed, there's a bootleg of Joni Mitchell live, engineered and recorded by Jimi Hendrix! It's the greatest thing ever."

Four nights earlier, Mitchell met Graham Nash for the first time, at an after-show party when The Hollies played Ottawa. "Joni is moving through this club world and finding her way, attracting this little pied-piper line of people who can't take their eyes or ears off her," adds Crowe. "It's just an amazing time and it's starting to explode during this box set."

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