The Dream Interview

by Cameron Crowe
December 2020

"Joni Mitchell was always the dream interview," explains Cameron Crowe, who began writing for Rolling Stone in 1973, aged just 15. "But she never did any and that was really well known in the world of journalism. One night, I'm interviewing Bonnie Raitt in the dressing room of the Troubadour [club in Los Angeles], with my sister Cindy, when the door opens and somebody walks in. I'm still looking at Bonnie, but everybody else is looking past me. I casually turn and see Joni Mitchell, who appears to have walked straight off the cover of For The Roses. She sits down and starts to participate in this interview with Bonnie Raitt. I'm freaking out. It all grew to the point where, six years later when she wanted to discuss Mingus, [her manager] Elliot Roberts called me and said, 'Joan would love for you to do this interview.' We've stayed in touch ever since. I was just lucky to be there when she was ready to talk in 1979, with a kind of widescreen technicolour memory of where she'd been and where she was going. She's the best interview I ever did in Rolling Stone."

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