Crosby, Stills & Nash are back together

by Ritchie Yorke
Boston Globe
December 16, 1972

David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash are to make a fourth album together and there is a strong possibility that the threesome with tour North America at the end of winter.

There is also more than a slight change that Neil Young may rejoin the band when he completes his forthcoming lengthy tour which begins January 5.

These revelations follow a meeting in Los Angeles a few days ago at the Sunset Blvd office of Elliot Roberts with all three members of Crosby, Stills and Nash.

The re-uniting of the foremost super group of the late Sixties and the one band that discerning critics felt could compensate for at least some of the artistic vacuum created when the Beatles broke up, is probably the best news for genuine rock fans since Bobby Sherman's career began to slide.

This exclusive information came my way during an informal interview with Elliot Roberts, the top manager in the business these days and a man who also directs the careers of Joni Mitchell, Jackson Brown, the Eagles and America.

Crosby and Nash, of course, have been appearing as a duo act for some time although there success - both financially and artistically - was somewhat less than they'd become accustomed to. The holdout was Steve Stills who has been spending most of his time in Europe (his old lady is from Paris) and working with a band can Manassas, which also features Ex-Byrd, Chris Hillman.

Last week Stills turned up in L.A. and revealed that he would like to work again with Crosby and Nash, and also wished to return to the management stable of Roberts.

Crosby, Stills and Nash plan to record a new album in February. When the record is completed Roberts says there's a likelihood the trio will go out on tour.

Neil Young, meanwhile, kicks of his first tour in more than a year in Milwaukee Jan. 5. Important dates on the 69 concert tour (which winds its way around the continent for 2 ½ months) include Detroit's Cobo Hall (Jan. 8 &9); Maple Leave Gardens, Toronto (Jan. 15), Ottawa Civic Centre (Jan. 16), Montreal Ferum (Jan. 18), Boston Garden (Feb. 8), Music Hall, Boston (Feb. 9 & 10), Houston's Hofheinz Pavilion (Feb. 24) and Vancouver Coliseum (March 18).

Young, who has spent the past 12 months producing and directing a movie, "Journey Through the Past," on which his new Reprise album is based, will be touring with a five-piece band featuring Jack Nitzsche on keyboards. The tour premieres in the US next months.

At the end of the tour, manager Roberts believes there is a fairly good change that Young may be willing to team up with Crosby, Stills and Nash at least for a while. They only problem will be in getting Stills and Young to see eye to eye and ear to ear.

Graham Nash has been busily producing an album with David Blue. One cut I heard - a real sizzler - had Dave Mason guesting on guitar. It sure was real nice to hear Mason back on record.

Joni Mitchell, following her recent stunning appearances at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, is putting together a backup band and is thinking of making some more club dates in the Spring. She was expected to visit Toronto this week and it may have something to do with those Spring Concerts.

Inside sources claim that Eric Clapton has not even picked up his axe for 18 months. Whatever it is Eric, we wish you well and more.

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