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1968.01.21 Joni's next appearance The Way It Is — CBC TV Toronto, ON

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Jim on

This was the first time I saw Joni. I think it was on a show called The Day It Is, which was a daily version of the political affairs show The Way It Is, and was shown on CBC at 7 pm. Back in the 60s TV news shows had cute names like That Was The Week That Was in the U.S. and This Hour Has Seven Days in Canada. I seem to recall that Joni took up the entire half-hour when I saw it. She must have filmed a mini-concert in front of a studio audience in 67 and the producers used select songs to intersperse throughout the program over the next few months, sometimes at the end during the credits. Many of these appearances I have seen on video. "Circle Game" is available on YouTube. How did this first exposure affect me? Well, I watched it with my father, and we both thought she was dreary and boring! However, that impression would change radically a few months later when I saw her live for the first time at the 1968 Mariposa Folk Festival and my life would never be the same again.   [ed.]