"I'm a painter first, and a musician second..."
- September 8, 1998
"I have always thought of myself as a painter derailed by circumstance."
- June 2000

Recent updates

  • Paris Done in high school as an art assignment to paint Paris. The dedication is to Bob Hinitt, her art teacher. Joni donated the painting to him, who in tu...
  • Ladies of the Canyon 3 This is basically the cover of the Ladies of the Canyon album, but with a different 'skirt' scene. Joni has numbered it 3/4- leaving us to assume that...
  • Dog Eat Dog workup In 2003, a new art curator for Cedars Sinia discovered this work rolled up in a tube in a closet. It's unknown how it came into their possession and w...
  • Song to a Seagull This is the original artwork that Joni produced for her first album. Note the space left for the photograph section on the back cover. It was donated ...

Most-viewed paintings in the past 30 days

  1. Song to a Seagull 1968
  2. Ladies of the Canyon 3 1970
  3. Miles Davis 1991
  4. Clouds 1969
  5. Dog Eat Dog workup 1985
  6. Both Sides 1 1999
  7. Painted handbag 1985
  8. Pool Party 2003
  9. Graham Nash 1969
  10. Both Sides 2 1999

Joni as a painter

Think of Joni Mitchell and think primarily of her incredible career as a singer, songwriter, musical innovator and trailblazer. Much less has been written of her life as a painter. We've been collecting images for years and have organized 315 pieces of Joni's artwork here for all to enjoy. The images displayed here are purposely low resolution for copyright reasons.

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