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» Here's Why Joni Mitchell Is Our SS15 Style Icon (, 2015)
» Joni: Peridots and Periwinkle (The Heights (Boston College), 1972)
» Kanye, Joni, Dylan and great musicians who say idiotic things (TheStar (Toronto), 2015)
» Going back to the garden (Los Angeles Times, 2014)
» 71-Year-Old Joni Mitchell’s Enchanting NY Mag Cover Is Proof That Wrinkles Are Beautiful (The Gloss (Website), 2015)
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 14) Older Women In Fashion Ads: What Joan Didion, Joni Mitchell And Iris Apfel Mean As 'Golden Girl Crushes' (Bustle (Website), 2015)
 15) Jody Denberg's Conversation with Joni Mitchell (, 1998)


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