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» Mariposa: A battle between electric and acoustic guitar (Toronto Star, 1967)
» Metallica's Robert Trujillo eager to spread 'Jaco' love (USA Today, 2014)
» En musikalisk konstnär (Svenska Dagbladet, 1983)
» Joni Mitchell Joins Reprise (Record World, 1968)
» Vase and Joni Mitchell photo it appears in are for sale on eBay (Detroit News, 2014)
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 1) The secret torment of Joni Mitchell (Mail Online, 2014)
 2) The Life and Death of Jaco Pastorius (Musician Magazine, 1987)
 3) Writers' Club (Sagittarius - High School Annual, 1960)
 4) Metallica's Robert Trujillo eager to spread 'Jaco' love (USA Today, 2014)
 5) How Joni Mitchell's daughter found mom and became whole (Toronto Sun, 1997)
 6) Estrella talks about the song Ladies of the Canyon (, 2008)
 7) Thoughts on the song Ladies of the Canyon and the time (, 2008)
 8) Folk Singer: Two-Career Girl (Unknown, 1964)
 9) BOOK: Joni Mitchell In Her Own Words: Conversations With Malka Marom (Rebeat Magazine, 2014)
 10) Joni Mitchell: With ancestors from 'the Voss Fjord part of Norway' (Arnfrid Mæland, 2009)
 11) Singer's daughter identified (Saskatoon StarPhoenix, 1997)
 12) Biography: 1943-1963 Childhood Days (, 1998)
 13) Trina talks about the song Ladies of the Canyon (, 2008)
 14) The Only Black Man at the Party (Genders Journal, 2012)
 15) A Mother and Child Reunion -- via the Web (ZDNN Website, 1997)


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