Compiled by Simon Montgomery, © 2001

1968.11.25  The Cellar Door  Washington, DC

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joda on 2013-Aug-04 at 04:13:41 GMT-5:
I was working at a record store in D.C. when a promoter from Warner Brothers came in to give us free albums and tickets to a new performer, Joni Mitchell. I had never heard of her before so I listened to her album, the lyrics and got excited about her. He also gave us two front row tickets to her performance at the Cellar Door the next night. The Door was a small club so I knew it would be a good chance to hear her live. I was already a fan after hearing the album but wasn't prepared for the beautiful person who walked on stage with her guitar. It wasn't just her physical appearance that made her so attractive but the person that she had inside and was willing to share with me and everyone else. I was 24 years old at that time and now, at age 69 I'm still in love with her and her music. I left America 6 years ago and moved to Poland and the first thing I packed were all of her albums to take with me. She has been a big influence on my life and I thank her for all that she is.
David Piekarczyk¬†¬†[ed.]  [ed.]
rflynn on 2009-Jul-19 at 11:59:16 GMT-5:
I don't remember which night of this run I saw, but Joni wore a green velvet floor-length dress, and we (my parents and I) were at a table near the front. I was mesmerized. Thirteen (almost fourteen) years old and a big fan, I had convinced my parents to take me to see Joni--not an unusual request since I had gotten them to take me to see Judy Collins and Ian & Sylvia on previous occasions.