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1969.07.19 Joni's next appearance Newport Folk Festival—Fort Adams Park Newport, RI

Evening concert

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  • (Photo by John Judge)
  • (Photo by John Judge)
  • (Photo by John Judge)
  • (Photo by John Judge)
  • (Photo by John Judge)
  • © Baron Wolman, used with permission
  • Photo by Joe Sia.
  • David Gahr

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crazyjaney on

In 1969, I was so lucky to meet her backstage at the Newport Folk Festival. Ramblin' Jack Elliott had given me a ride in through the performers' entrance and insisted I come backstage with him to guard his guitar and cigarettes while he made some last minute preparations. He introduced me as Barefoot Betsy to the stage hands and wasn't taking "no" for an answer. Joni came up to me and pointed at the cigs and said: "Jack said I could have one of those". I picked up the pack and handed them to her and she took one out and offered one to me and lit both of ours. Then she said Jack said I was from Texas and I said "yes" but I was currently living in New Jersey. She said she liked my blue paisley pants and I said her album "Clouds" was one of my greatest treasures. I told her Ramblin' Jack said he probably wasn't going to Woodstock and she said yeah, a lot of people weren't going. She smiled throughout but I could tell small talk wasn't her thing- okay cuz I was not a big talker myself. She called Doug Kershaw and Mimi Farina to come over and meet me, and waved "bye" and hollered "Jail Bait" in Jack's direction. He already knew I was sixteen and I'm sure the rest of them did too after seeing me gag on the cigarette and blush to my toenails. Although Jack dedicated his "Don't Think Twice" to me (Barefoot Betsy) I floated on Joni's cloud the rest of the evening and sadly learned the next day she had gone. Newport was a remarkable venue with an amazingly talented roster that particular weekend and a fun memory. I so hope Joni will be alright.  [ed.]

julieort on

Was in boarding school at Newport this summer and our field trip was to this concert. Joni was on stage, barefoot with her guitar strapped over her shoulder. This was a time when women did not come on stage singularly and take the musical lead. Joni's talent and presence on that night became the tipping point for a woman to be the focus and star of the show. Joni was a role model for girls before it was even a concept; teaching us in her lyrics that it was ok to be smart, be yourself and take that step forward. From that eveing as a teen, Joni's music has been part of my life through high school, college, career, mom and grandma. Each song brings distinct memories from each era. This concert was within a week of Armstrong & Aldrin on the moon. It was an unforgettable time.

LizKay2010 on

JaneMurphy... I am sooo jealous of you! I've never seen Joni perform in concert and would have LOVED to attend this one.

janemurphy on

We stayed for the evening concert. There was that lovely green dress, the one I emulated and sewed for myself in crimson. On the way home late that night, we heard the Apollo 11 moon crew on the radio, and I believe that was the night that Chappaquidick happened... What a time to be alive. And the next day we had tix to the South Shore Music Circus show in Cohasset, the next town over from my hometown of Hingham. It was a Joni marathon, and it kinda made up for not making it to Woodstock, just like Joni!

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