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1969.08.18  The Dick Cavett Show—ABC TV, Television Center  New York, NY

David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Jefferson Airplane also
appeared. The program was broadcast on Aug. 19.

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Joni with Dick Cavett.

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BeauJangles on 2015-Jul-09 at 19:50:29 GMT-5:
This was my very first televised performance of Joni Mitchell, I was fortunate to view. The other guests such as the Jefferson Airplane, David Crosby, Steven Stills, and Arlo Guthrie, were recouping from their appearance at Woodstock the previous weekend. I had just tuned in to Cavett's program a bit late, and in the midst was Joni among them. I must admit to being immediately drawn by her presence there. Even more so after her song, Fiddle and the Drum. I must have been a bit mesmerized still during Chelsea Morning. Odd, but I don't remember her performing it. A young man's infatuation, no doubt. Then with a sense of shyness, Joni announced that it hadn't been long with her piano playing, but did have a final song to share and sat down at the bench. The opening chords to For Free began. Her touch on the keys seemed effortless, but it was the vocals and timing of the lyrics, stanzas and refrain of the song that really touched me deeply inside. One beautiful song by an even more beautiful young lady. Joni Mitchell's music has meant more to me over the years than I can possibly express. So many friends both living and past, are or were extremely fond admirers. I'm sure to be not the only one that fell hopelessly in love with her that memorable evening. And I always will. Thank you, Joni.