Compiled by Simon Montgomery, © 2001

1972.05.05  Royal Festival Hall  London, England

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budgie9 on 2014-Feb-02 at 12:31:14 GMT-5:
There are a lot of reasons I remember this show. Jackson was most certainly the support and sang on The Circle Game. It was the second time I had taken a particular young lady out. We went with two married couples who were actually in their mid twenties but she was 18 and I was 27 and she thought they were "old" but the good news is that we got married in 1974 and are still together. It was a great show despite the failure of the PA but afterwards we went back to one of the couples home and he put a Joni album and I made a rule then which I have followed to this day not to play music especially by the person you have just seen after a concert! It was the first time I saw Joni and the second time I saw Jackson. We still love them both.
antpitta on 2011-Aug-03 at 09:24:57 GMT-5:
Yes,there was a horrendous buzz on the PA that night.Jackson Browne was the support act and joined her later in Joni's set.I believe he sang on 'Circle Game'-(come on,it was 39 years ago!).Despite the audio problems,my first live experience of Joni was still amazing .
mickbailey on 2010-Jan-10 at 06:21:48 GMT-5:
My childhood sweetheart introduced me to your music and we were delighted to see you when her music teacher brought a group of us to the Festival Hall. I'll always remember the PA broke down but you carried on anyway. The acoustics were good enough for us to hear you. The whole audience joined in "The Circle Game" - magic. You were one of my first inspirations in Folk music and I am now a professional singer/guitarist myself. I loved you then and I still love you now!