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1974.02.09 Joni's next appearance Sir Wilfred Laurier Univ. Waterloo, ON

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jeromejarvis on

We were in a long line outside the hall, waiting for the doors to open, standing in the cold for an hour at least. People were buzzing, saying "Joni's got an electric band now!" No reserved seating for this show. Finally the doors were opened and a crowd swarmed past the head of the line, pushing their way in. By the time we got inside the only seats left were at the back. As it happened we were recognized by one of the volunteers. He told us there were two seats left empty, front row centre. As the lights dimmed we made our way towards the stage and there were our seats! The LA Express came on immediately to play a warm up set. None of us had heard Court and Spark yet and had no idea what to expect. After a set of cool and funky jazz by Tom Scott and co, Joni came on and played an acoustic set on piano and alternating between two acoustic guitars, changing tunings quickly and chatting candidly between songs, at ease and intimate. After her solo set there was a break and when she came back she was joined by the band, Robben Ford on Guitar, Max Bennet, bass and John Guerin doing a fine job on the drums, lifting the whole concert to a new height. The show closed with "Raised on Robbery" after the electric Piano intro the band kicked in and bright white lights blazed from behind them into the crowd. It was like a happy kick in the head and heart! Always wanted the chance to say thank you for this amazing show. Thank You!

JudithMary on

I really enjoyed the concert at WLU. Amazing...don't even remember who I went with just that it was a super concert. Loved Court and Spark I think it was my favorite album. :)

artmakesmehappy on

Wow, this brings back memories. It was my first year at university in London, Ontario and it
was winter and very cold. I can't remember the girl's name I went with but the two of us
were very determined to go so we hitchhiked along the highway to Waterloo - about an hour and
we were cold but so excited to be going to see Joni that we didn't even notice!!!
It was a small university and the hall was small so it didn't matter where you were - you were
close to the stage. 'Court and Spark' had been the most recent release and I remember her
at the piano in flowing dresses. Wonderful to recall this.