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1974.03.30  Memorial Auditorium  Dallas, TX

» This Concert is a part of the 1974 Tour of North America and England (+ Honolulu HI).

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mck27 on 2013-Dec-29 at 14:54:03 GMT-5:
mck27: I remember how beautiful Joni was as she played her guitar center stage swaying back and forth as if she and her guitar were one. She was wearing a dark flowing skirt that swayed with her--it was magical and breath-taking to see and hear her in person. It is a memory I will not forget. I think the song she was playing was "A Case of You"; I am so happy I was able to see her in person. She is a gift!
kentsmith58 on 2009-Jun-15 at 07:39:15 GMT-5:
This was the first concert where you draped the back of the stage to keep people from causing distractions for the rest of the venue. I think it was the first tour with the LA Express. I just remember what Kim said....great night,great music,good smoke, young and hopeful...
krypal2 on 2009-Jun-02 at 12:33:06 GMT-5:
oh what a lovely time it was seeing you at memorial auditorium. you sang with your beautiful voice & beautiful lyrics that still can make me cry. it was the days of my youth and i loved every minute of that youth. peace & love, not the greed that seems to have taken over the world now. we just loved listening to the music & smoking a joint, it was beautiful!

kim halliburton-carter