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1974.04.07  Jacksonville Coliseum  Jacksonville, FL

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rawcliffe on 2015-Apr-01 at 11:12:26 GMT-5:
I attended this concert with my then partner, the lovely Ann B, and four of our friends. Upon arriving at the Jacksonville Exhibition Hall in mid-afternoon to pick up our tickets for the 7:30 show we discovered that the promoter, whose name will not pass my lips, had sold more tickets than there were seats (in the tradition of Mel Brooks's Max Bialystock)and that the venue had been changed to the cavernous Jacksonville Coliseum. Aside from the several hours delay, my party ended up somewhere in the ionosphere to the left side of the stage. The only time we could see Joni (who performed very well under the circumstances) was when she played guitar. When playing the piano, she was completely obscured by a bank of amplifiers. Not connected? I'm surprised she didn't hang up.
edwinwhite on 2010-Oct-24 at 08:52:30 GMT-5:
I hitched a ride to Florida from Wisconsin in 72. "For the Roses was my companion.Made friends (Court and Spark)and lived together in Orlando. JM was a central part of our music/lifestyle. Went to the concert and I,having another of my migraines,went walking around the place in the dark. Ended up behind the stage,up above the stage,and watched JM do the concert from behind her. Watched her silhouette in the footlights. Had a green glowstick and imagined she would turn around and see me. I got better,became a professional musician/entertainer...changed my diet finally. Still love to see Joni Mitchell.