A Chronology of Appearances

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1974.07.25 Joni's next appearance Mile High Stadium Denver, CO

Joni made a surprise appearance at a CSNY concert.

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Moonshiner on

In the early summer of 1974 I had chosen to hitchhike back to Maryland from California after driving out with some friends who were moving to Hawaii. During my travels I met up with another long-haired friendly freaky amigo, who was entertaining me with his dulcimer in the back of a slow but steady travelin' VW van. We were both quite enamored of Joni, and his favorite tune was 'Carey', which he soon taught me how to play. I fell in love with the instrument, and vowed to get one of my own after getting home. On the way back I was staying with some friends in Colorado Springs, and was lucky enough to be there when CSN&Y, The Beach Boys, and Jesse Colin Young were playing in Denver at Mile High Stadium. That night Joni Mitchell made a surprise appearance at the show, a bit of odd happenstance connected to this wonderful performer.  [ed.]