Compiled by Simon Montgomery, © 2001

1974.08.17  Universal Amphitheatre  Universal City, CA

Selections from this concert series were released on
the live album Miles Of Aisles.

» This Concert is a part of the 1974 Tour of North America.

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photo by Paul C Babin August 1974 [pbabin]
Photo by Steve Dulson
Billboard on Sunset Boulevard.

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stringpaint58 on 2015-Apr-01 at 10:24:42 GMT-5:
I was 16 and had been a fan for 2 years at this point. I started playing guitar at 12 and discovered Joni's music at 14. My dad had a customer who worked for Universal and so I got some tickets with good seats and went with two of my best friends. They brought some weed with them and I refused to smoke because I said I wanted to see and hear Joni in a completely natural state of mind ( never r eally liked that stuff anyway). My friends giggled at my intense admiration for this artist. However, I knew I was witnessing a performance of a lifetime by a woman who was and is the most prolific songwriter and poet of all time. No one exceeds her. That night was magical. . . Her music, the performance of her great back up band, her solo performances, her sense of humor and communication with the audience. . . I think I cried when it ended. I will never forget it.
suitfugue on 2015-Apr-01 at 00:06:38 GMT-5:
Seeing Joni in concert at Universal Amphitheatre under the stars on a summer night was incredible - a wonderful evening of such beautiful music and Joni never to be forgotten. The audience LOVED her. And hearing her with Tom Scott and the L.A. Express literally rocked the house! But the very best I remember was listening to her play piano and her guitar while she sang. Listening to Joni sing her "story songs" was truly magical. I sang Joni's songs in San Diego that summer in my rock band. Everyone loved Court and Spark's songs, and I was honored to be able to sing her songs and turn on others to her music. Joni opened the door to many musicians and singers. Thank you, Joni, for recording this performance that we can share with new generations of fans.   [ed.]
oxyalum on 2011-Aug-02 at 23:02:17 GMT-5:
This was a magical concert. Joni was perfect. The music was perfect. There was a definite connection between the audience and Joni. Everything seemed to gel as one. I am immediately transported back to that night when I listen to the "Miles of Aisles" album. Unforgettable.
pbabin on 2010-Jul-06 at 09:07:32 GMT-5:
This was the summer of "Court and Spark". I was 22 years old and about to enter film school at USC. The influence of jazz on Joni's music became obvious to me with this album, though of course she'd been drawing on it for quite some time. I remember being intrigued by Robben Ford, the L.A. Express lead guitarist; he was only a year older than me, also from L.A., and an extraordinary talent. The musicianship of all the Express guys was inspirational.
And then there was Joni.
At this concert, I'm left with memories of her comfort and joy, her elegance (she changed into a dark, sequenced gown later in the show)and her delight in having the backing of musicians of this caliber.
Like all important artists, Joni was a teacher. The poetry of her lyrics had illuminated the mystery of human nature, and now my world of musical awareness was growing through her work with Tom Scott and The L.A. Express. Within months, I would discover Keith Jarret, Pat Metheney, Jaco Pastorius and Weather Report.